Wiltshire’s memory is remarkable. But it was just a mirage created by the intense heat, and the harder their pressed on to make it to the water, the more frustrated they became. Peter was not talking about well-intentioned, but misguided, people who don’t have their theology straight. It pierces the thoughts and attitudes of our hearts (Heb. But none named Sodom! Keeping one's house well lit is said to reduce the effects of SAD. Its exactly the same.” The sound of keys in the lock startles them and they quickly leave before they are discovered. He was too ill to continue the Kansas City campaign, so he took the train back to Northfield. The metaphor of light and darkness is used throughout the Bible in various ways (cf. …it’s almost as surprising as finding that you can turn lead into gold with light.”, Scientists Claim New State of Matter Created,http:www.livescience.comtechnology090728-new-state-matter.html, July 28, 2009, Illustration by Jim L. Wilson and Jim Sandell. cried R. H. Sana, American author and lawyer (1815-1882). —Richard De Haan. Chapter 3 erupts with celebration (v. 1). The one thing that God hates, that grieves Him, that He is provoked by, and that He will destroy, is sin. But there came for me a long time of reflection. John, who saw the transfiguration and heard God’s voice from heaven, did not merely tell others. Fear is a curious word in the Bible. Now, through Christ, our Great High Priest, “the curtain of the temple was torn” (Mark 15:38), and we approach God's throne of grace with confidence (Heb. His love will “purify” us (v. 3). Moses was called by God to speak for Him. Through cleansing we obtain the blessing of a pure heart; a heart in which the Spirit can complete His operations with a view to sanctifying us, and revealing God within us. 22-25). An elderly woman was once asked by a friend about the spiritual welfare of a mutual acquaintance. Similarly, John awakens our senses and nudges our curiosity in the opening lines of his letter. We know the cure. I Peter 5:2) are stagnant in fellowship with Christ. Maybe the author of that quote got the idea from 1 John 2:17. Through Jesus Christ we can become a part of the greatest fellowship on earth. We can confess to God our failures, asking for His forgiveness. “Accuser” is one of Satan’s names (Rev. —Lathbury. “Therefore, be holy, because I am holy.”, John makes it plain and simple why every Christian must be holy: “God is light; in him there is no darkness at all” (1:5). 1:4). I write these things to you who believe … so that you many know that you have eternal life. Do you struggle with doubts about your own salvation? A farmer doesn't have any choice but to wait for fall and spring rains. The flood is coming; I've got to be ready. They saw their city wearing out, but took it in stride. - Psalm 32:5, Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll warns us that our society's message of ""instant gratification"" holds a danger for believers, the way an undertow in the surf can sweep away an unsuspecting swimmer. Either we are children of the Devil or children of God. In John 3:16, world refers to the lost people of the world, whereas in 1 John 2:15, world refers to an entire system of beliefs and values–what we might call a “worldview.” This worldview is completely opposed to God and His ways. We have an Advocate with the Father who will rush to our defense immediately, but His defense is of no avail to us if we are still defending ourselves. Christian musicians, Casting Crowns, capture how easily we can slip away from following Christ in their song “Slow Fade”: “It's a slow fade, when you give yourself away, when black and white turn to gray; thoughts invade, choices are made, a price will be paid; People never crumble in a day.”, He who does what is right is righteous, just as he is righteous. 2. Jesus declares that nothing has changed: loving God supremely and unreservedly is our most important response to His love. Do you feel He can forgive some of our sins, but not all of them? That can only be done when I face my sins head on, and confess them. From the standpoint of God's plan, nothing is holding back the return of Christ. Although confessed, these sins cling to their minds as barnacles adhere to the hull of a ship. I don’t know the details of this lawsuit or of this couple’s marriage, but it appears to be yet another example of a people in a sue-happy subculture that is quick to blame others for their own problems. The foundation for many people’s spiritual journey is no more real than that mirage. 2:7–11; 3:11–18). Haman admitted that he couldn't enjoy a single one of his boasts because of Mordecai. 3, p. 84. The Promised Land was to be Israel's land for the taking. Are we daily spending time in prayer and reading God’s Word so that we can take advantage of it? That’s what the word fellowship means. If we walk in the light, as he is in the light… —1 John 1:7, As He is in the light! He cleanses us from all sin, 1 John 1:7d Evening Devotional for July 23 - C H Spurgeon, The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. First, hearing--the apostles had heard Jesus teach. Our battle with Satan and his forces is real, but the outcome has already been decided. We cannot share what we do not understand or have not experienced. A great crisis marked her entrance into “the promised land of a life of fullness and victory.” She was reading her New Testament in the Greek, as she often did. How does Emily know that what happened that July evening at summer camp still means anything? Second, the witness must be deemed legally competent to give testimony. That is what John is saying. The approaching holidays provide many welcome opportunities to help out, but let’s never forget that needs are year round! Today, reflect on your personal relationship with Jesus and the joy it brings you to invite others into intimate fellowship with the Word of Life, Jesus Christ. We love because he first loved us. Similar to the disciples' evangelistic mission, fears can hinder us from sharing the gospel with friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Twenty-eight hours later he landed in Dublin, Ireland. They were to demolish all the places of worship. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Probably no one thought of virtue. Steven Wiltshire, who has been called “the human camera,” has the amazing ability to recall tiny details about anything he has seen and then reproduce them in drawings. As we will see, today’s passage challenges that thinking on several levels. The oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The incarnation of Jesus—God who came in the flesh—is how those dreams came true. Second, confidence on the day of judgment is based on righteous living and loving in Christ (2:28-29; 4:17). - Romans 5:5. We need companionship. Tradition maintains that the author of the Gospel of John and the epistles bearing his name are the same person, and there’s no compelling reason to doubt this.