I am so disgusted with both Stearns and Foster and Sleepy's. Once the topper came in, the pain stopped and we found ourselves finally sleeping thru the night. This is NOT a cure (rechargeable spines would be the fix), but it has reduced pain and improved sleep tremendously. Toddler seems to like it. Again, go figure! I don't like memory foam at all and how would I get the best of both worlds, firm, yet soft? It has four sections with top three layers having foam materials and the bottom segment featuring innerspring coils with foam encasement. But, after the first couple of months, they sink unevenly and do not spread the body weight uniformly. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. Just ask everyone I know! The innerspring section creates a solid foundation and enhances the support quotient. The mattress comes with a unique 360-degree foam encasement. Unfortunately I need to agree with all of them. Thank you. We're both pretty tall and skinny, but I do weigh 200lbs. [Nest Alexander Mattress], Could not be better! They know that these mattress have problems and should have told us to pick out exactly what will be replaced at no charge. The top part has 20 Denier foam while the bottom layer boasts of 1000 15-gauge tempered steel coils. It will give your back the proper alignment support, reduce tossing and turning, and resists indentation and edge roll-off. It is a 13-inch mattress that has three layers of comfortable foam materials and a 10-inch thick tier of innerspring coils. Great service, well-made product and friendly delivery team. I got an excellent financing rate from the company that works with them. DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Pillow Top Mattress, 8. At the end of the day my gut instinct kept me going back to Avocado. It has actually exceeded what I was expecting. I recommend this Amore mattress highly. We received our Mattress and Plush Topper in December. Would not recommend at all. I'm disgusted! It was replaced and the new one only 2 months old has the same deep body impressions. We also have a local showroom where you can view any of these mattresses in person, call or text us any time for more details! Love it. I have been sleeping on it for a month now and feel so much more well rested! The pocketed coils help the entire surface to maintain a firmness that is even and long-lasting. I ordered the 14.5'' king mattress. If you are thinking about a new mattress di not hesitate to put Avocado Green Mattress to the top of your list. The price of this king size mattress is highly reasonable too (just over $400). Perhaps we found additional comfort in the fact that it was made here in our home state of Wisconsin. On the forth night we slept on our new mattress. I have never felt so ripped off in all my life. After two weeks of sleeping on it, we will have to return it is harder than we anticipated. But for most of us, we'd like a cozy pillow top design that feels comfortable for longer. Called and asked for representative to come do. A quilted pillow top knit sleeve covers the mattress. Enjoy a cloud-like sleeping experience and hotel-style luxury with this king-size mattress from Sleep Inc. It is by far the best mattress we have ever had. You can put it on an empty bed frame without adding a spring box. The 12-inch unit features a five-tier construction. See Details Well, my old mattress caused me all kinds of aches and pains. This bed supports my back and body so well. Storage & Organization, Closet No! I told the agent why am I doing all this leg work as the consumer!! I hope my review helps. Table Sets, End Good luck and happy shopping. This enables the pillow top designs we love without as many negative reports of durability and sagging problems. Highly recommend! All the materials used are high-quality and resist all types of allergens and bacteria, dust mites, and mold. All the layers together ensure that your body is rested at the right posture and you get a deep night’s sleep. It's been almost a month and we are extremely happy with our Avocado so far! Congrats! it has a pillow-top which would make it one sided. For those like me, you might want to skip the pillowtop option (with the pillowtop sew in) because it is firmer and denser than the softest topper that you can purchase in ADDITION to the mattress alone. and 65 answers. Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Super Pillow Top, 7. I got lucky. The bottom layer provides support and it has numerous premium coil gauges that are covered with the Best Edge Foam Encasement. Thank you for helping me live a better less pain filled life. Room Besides supplying an extra layer of sumptuous, cloud-like luxury, the pillow top mattress is also effective for soothing side sleepers' hip and shoulder pressure points. 130. Highly recommended! Such a design increases the edge support, so the surface won’t sink in when someone sits on the edge. Serta gives you the peace of mind by providing a 5-year warranty with this product. After hours of reading reviews, I pulled the trigger. It's a lot about the base. Yes, it may be used with a platform bed frame. I have osteoarthritis and I no longer hurt in the mornings like I did with our old mattress. Neck adjustments keep your upper body positioned so your spine is aligned for just the right support. Nice and quiet and responsive. I could not believe my ears. My husband took the day off of work for the mattress to be delivered because the white glove service in my area doesn’t deliver on the weekends- which is another inconvenience. I called the warranty department who sent us a "kit" so we could measure the sinkhole. However, people who prefer very soft surfaces will find it inflexible. The surface is medium firm, saving you from the feeling of sleeping on a concrete block or sinking in quicksand. Sue Turner, We love our new Winkbed! Smooth nonskid surface holds every style of mattress in place, including hybrid, memory foam and innerspring mattresses. I'm a stomach sleeper and in order to not make things worse I needed to learn to sleep on my side. More coils in the support section do not guarantee the best support. 1. The 2-inch latex tier does the excellent job of relieving the pain from the pressure points. It is eco-friendly and super breathable, absorbing moisture and promoting a dry, restful sleep at night. hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens. They create a soothing, tranquil sleeping environment where your body can loosen up and get the proper rest. I also caught a sale and got an additional $100 off. Buy a Nectar or anything that costs a fraction of their prices because you will be replacing them and paying more money down the line. It was firm to my satisfaction when tested on the showroom floor, so I purchased it believing I was going to receive a very firm, high quality bed set when delivered..Shortly after delivery, the bed dramatically lost its firmness night after night. It was great but we knew we wanted a little firmer. Based on retail price of $821.59. It took about 3 weeks (I was sick so I didn't care until I recovered) before I reached out to the store and they got it resolved for me. My Husband and I purchased a King Stearns & Foster Mattress/Box Spring from Ashley's Furniture. Have this Stearns and Foster high profile for just over a year. The mattress offers a good balance of softness and firmness, with the scale hangs a bit toward the firm state.