The best sounding mic stand I have used is........ That cardboard tower gets wonky fast, though. Well the stand I received is no good - one of the 3 legs is different to the others and results in the stand not standing upright. Having a look through the excellent Audyssey FAQ etc on avsforum, they strongly recommend using a boom mic (a tripod is "ok" but a boom mic is best). Surround tweeters are 22" above ear level and angled downward. Trennfrequenz bei den Rears steht bei 60 Hz, beim Sub bei 80 Hz. If a tripod is used, care must be taken to ensure that the microphone is placed at a height just above the seat back so that reflections from the seat do not cause problems at higher frequencies. Cost around $40. audyssey microphone. It does, and that is what I use for my Audyssey microphone. Mini mic stands are cheap- think mine was about eight bucks. I intend to go to a local music equipment store and see first hand what they have available. No computer is required (the computations are performed inside the Marantz). Is robust and has mic holder. :-. What is the best Mic stand for the 4500h Denon Mic?Thanks in advance for the help. By A mid-sized camera tripod stand could be placed behind a seat and the cranked vertical support adjusted to ear height. I think that would be too short for measureme3nt from the seat. Started Monday at 04:57 PM, By Started March 9, 2017, By The Audyssey mic at the bottom (not seen on the above pic) has the same size thread as a camera, so it easily fits on a camera tripod. The initial, Audyssey-miked … Is the vertical part of your stand the same? You must log in or register to reply here. May still need to get a different mic attachment like the one I linked above. Display as a link instead, × Audyssey Microphone. I'm a room eq novice and just going off info in the Audyssey guide on avs. Otherwise the stand is probably ok though I haven't actually tried using it. Hide sidebar Show sidebar Thread starter Nana A. It seems many people have problems with Audyssey and given that it can have such a big impact on overall sound quality, I'm happy to spend a bit extra in the hope of getting better results. Full Range The mic holders generally come with professional measurement mics, but I don't think the retail Audyssey mics come with any sort of mic holder. Ich bin eigentlich mit meiner Audyssey-Messung (nur 1 Mal) sehr zufrieden. I did this once. I believe they looked at another stand (same model) and it also had issues. 1-37 of 37 Results. Started Tuesday at 09:50 AM, By They mention these as possible options (boom mic + adaptor + absorbers): Use this to attach your Audyssey mic to your stand, Isolator feet for UK members on sale here. Can you link any? Most stands don't come with a mic holder. The mic holder screws in to the end of the mic stand, which is essentially a threaded rod, and then the mic is clamped/clipped/attached to the holder. Habe einen Denon 3808A mit dem nuBox 511 Set (mit dem kleineren 441er Sub). Hopefully its a quality product.,, Try. I use my camera tripod. Paste as plain text instead, × By clicking links on our site, we may earn affiliate commission, but our editorial remains entirely independent and unbiased. Started Monday at 06:29 AM, By tenseventwo Oct 31, 2020 #1 What is the best Mic stand for the 4500h Denon Mic?Thanks in advance for the help. Factory sound in South Melbourne Konig and Meyer boom mic is good. Damn, I was going to buy one. The pictures show two different mic clips, which one is it? Das Audyssey Installer Kit enthält professionelle, kalibrierte Werkzeuge für überaus exakte Ergebnisse. NoCoder It includes a basic removable mic clip. All Rights Reserved. Most boom mike stands could be expected to use standard fittings but it could be prudent to take the audyssey mike along to the shop to make sure it will mount successfully.   Your previous content has been restored. I'm after one too. Theres a few boom stands on ebay, it's just hard to find the adaptor to suit the mic. Crabsticks Started November 11, Sound Media Group That clip should work fine. Turning my collar one or the other doesn't seem to have any effect. Of course a good tripod stand can be more expensive than a boom mike stand! I didn't even know a mic stand emitted sound. If you're going for a mic stand instead of a tripod, check the stand comes with a mic clamp/holder or purchase one. Mine looks very similar, although it has the conventional microphone holder instead of the clip. They look like they were made to sit on a table or a chair. Prime Basket. DrMikeOz If you find a decent mic stand, let us know. JavaScript is disabled. Definitely not the best quality though - it addition to the above issues, bits of black paint are flaking off. JavaScript is disabled. I did find this online: Seems to be the same stand mentioned on avs. (At some stage I will also get something like REW or XTZ as I suspect that unless you're really lucky, measurement equipment is needed to get really good results.). Skip to main F#%k me! I made an adaptor out of 3/8 tube, and a m6 (I think) cap screw to attach the Audyssey mic to it. × All; Auction; Buy It Now; Sort: Best Match.