I have not tried shot-gunning Hard Kombucha but I could definitely see that being a power move. Storing your creation in the best kombucha bottles with the most appropriate technique will deliver a healthy drink that will help to improve the well-being of your gut microbiome. Kombucha may not be the most pleasant smelling drink in the market but it is sure worth to try! With 7% ABV, it offers a higher alcohol content than most other Hard Kombuchas on the market. I kept seeing it everywhere and decided about a month ago in May, I would give it a try. Ha. One of the up and coming kombucha brands, and this brand has earned a huge following because of their organic and uniquely brewed light refreshing, low in sugar, and delicious fermented probiotic kombuchas and the classic brewed kombuchas. There is just something so comforting about an ice cold hard kombucha after a long day. This is definitely my favorite kombucha brand and I recommend that you try Reishi – Chocolate, Maca – Berry, Pink Lady Apple, and Bubbly Rose. Everyone and anyone can enjoy this drink especially with it’s three yummy flavors: Apple Mint, Ginger Peach, and Tropical Mango. It’s classic, simple, straight to the point drink which will make you say. Usually, people use back or green tea and add bacteria or yeast as their live culture and ferment it for 10 days. I’ve taken them to the beach for sunset and I’ve taken them to socially distant picnics in the park – they’re versatile and well liked by the friends I’m closest to. Surprisingly, this drink is fairly easy and inexpensive to make! And you must definitely try it! Ready to add this bubbly drink to your weekly routine? Tasting Room is open for carry out Fri & Sat 4-7! I have my ranking for the 5 best hard kombuchas on the market right now: — Kombrewcha The drink is made by fermenting black or green tea with bacteria or yeast. It’s rather iconic and unorthodox take on their packaging makes their brand stand out from others. Those who enjoy regular kombucha will definitely vibe with hard kombucha. Flavors tested: Original, Trilogy, Gingerade Calories: 60 per bottle Sugar: 4 g per bottle If you drink kombucha, you've tried GT's. Kombucha has been in the rage right now since a lot of people believe that it has tons of health benefits like improved digestion and it’s a go-to remedy for hypertension, headaches, hangover, fatigue, and even acne. One of the hippest kombucha brands on the game they have this unique take on your usual classic kombucha which is delicious, organic, energizing, and low in sugar. This company which prides themselves on manufacturing one of the best tasting and healthiest kombucha brands, but they are also doing socially responsible work for donating some of its earnings to charity. Thanks to their creativity they have produced a tangy, deep, and interestingly delicious drink instead of something ‘gag-worthy.’. It’s obviously a lot healthier than a moscow mule but it resembles that same flavor profile. Perhaps that's why kombucha is on the rise, with home-brewers and major manufacturers alike trying their hand at making this distinctive drink in a range of sweet and fruity flavors. With all the new boozy kombucha options emerging on the market, it’s difficult to know which is the best tasting and most worthy of your time and money. It is said to be low in sugar, organic, vegan, gluten-free, and it is also non-alcoholic. Sort of? Kevita Master Brew Kombucha Tart Cherry. 1. From pineapple to ginger to coconut and raspberry, I’ve rounded up eight teas that all passed the taste test at Healthista HQ.