. No matter which side you stand on, though, one thing can’t be debated: Natural wine is red hot. We are dedicated to mixology, on and off premise, while knowing exactly what makes the beer, wine and spirits industry tick. In case the gummy bears alone don’t get the job done, this gift set includes a flask and boozy candy. As a bet, the founders spent two years, perfecting the recipe of their London Dry gin in their ancient Victorian garden. Price: £46.45 25. But with increasing interest in craft offerings thanks to the recent gin boom, there’s a bigger crowd to stand out from than ever. function isEmail(email) { This natural distillation is reflected in the glamorous bottle design, which resembles a falcon’s beak. Each layer of acrylic is printed with a design that pays tribute to Hennessy’s rich heritage, inspired by vintage advertisements and posters found by the Lisbon-based artist within Hennessy’s archives. Dress up their wine cellar and their Christmas tree this year. 700ml $74.99. Bottle designs don’t come much more unique and quirky than this. You can reach him at jack.rear@verdict.co.uk, 34 luxury bottles to make your liquor cabinet a lot more fancy, 10th May 2018 (Last Updated May 11th, 2018 10:06), Familiarity a key factor for attracting German tourists, How Entel will boost fiber optic fixed broadband in Bolivia, 2020 is shaping up as the year China gained 5G dominance, Insect-inspired silicon brain startup Opteran secures £2.1m funding, How AI can be the logistics industry’s climate-conscious catalyst, UK launches Cyber Force to conduct offensive operations, Genshin Impact by miHoYo sets a high bar for free to play mobile games, First China Made 28nm Lithography Machine Expected For Delivery in 2021, Biggest influencers in cybersecurity in Q3 2020: The top individuals to follow, Prestige Software data breach exposes millions of hotel guest records, Covid-19 sparks consolidation amongst European banks, UCC Coffee launches its first traceable blockchain coffee. Cool Whiskey Bottles, , , , Cool Whiskey Bottles. The Hennessy Very Special Collector’s Edition by Vhils is available for purchase at Clos19. After all, any good drink worth its salt should sell itself regardless of how it’s bottled, right? $( 'form.widget_wysija' ).submit(function(e){ Not many alcohol brands can say that. If they can’t wait until El Camino comes out to witness Breaking Bad magic again, we’d suggest trying a bottle of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul's new mezcal. The 20 Weirdest, Coolest Liquor Bottles in the World. Who could fail to notice this dragon-scaled bottle of rum sitting on your shelf? That means no food. complimentary print subscription What’s particularly nice about this bottle is the mismatched texturing on either side of the bottle, contrasted with the overall simplicity of the logo and design. You just want to pick it up and pour. This series of custom vodka bottle is produced in accordance with the requirements of a Russian company. John Alexander is the creator of the signature Crystal Head bottle, a design that is an exact rendering of a human skull. Coming in both soft and hard varieties, this vodka is a premium treat, filtered through birch coal then quartz sand. The package communicates Brazilian provenance through the map design embossed in leather. However, the balance is just right with this stylish yet quirky embodiment of the Pumpkin Face brand. Sharish Blue Magic gin is a Portuguese import that gets its distinctive coloration from the blue pea plant (it also turns pink when you add tonic). But just look at it. © Copyright - 2010-2019 : All Rights Reserved. The exclusive release marks the brand’s first-ever product collaboration and represents its commitment to celebrating the greatness of the Latin community. A rich, intense, smoky blend containing Whisky matured in deep charred old Oak casks. The slender bottle shape and cap design communicates masculinity in the premium rum category. FoodBev Photos has uploaded 18526 photos to Flickr. Si lo que busca en un whisky de extrema exclusividad y vejez entonces Trinitas de Dalmore tendría que ser el indicado, y decimos ‘tendría’ porque esta serie solo ha dado tres ejemplares hasta la fecha, cada uno con un precio base de US$ 150 mil. He is a renowned American artist whose work can be found in museums across the United States, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. But the addition of a metallic stag in-laid into the glass makes this bottle look just as premium as the whisky inside. Woodford Reserve just releases its 2019 Kentucky Derby bottle, which will be available in stores starting March 2019. The John Alexander Artist Series No.1 bottle is available in a 750 mL format with a suggested retail price of $149.95. The glass design may not be anything particularly special but the gold and purple label combined with the amber cognac inside are sure to make this bottle from Courvoisier prominent on any shelf. The brand has been careful not to clutter the design with too many labels, so the vodka’s story is told through five symbols at the base of the bottle. It's a California brewery tour delivered right to their doorstep. From an Italian fashion icon like Roberto Cavalli, what else could one expect except utter class and style from the off? } Since they did all their experiments in Jam Jars, they present the gin in beautiful and durable mason jars – so you can re-use the jar for anything from a cocktail shaker to growing your own botanicals. The name of this Japanese gin, Roku, translates as six. After receiving the order, we immediately arranged the production of samples, and after receiving satisfactory responses from customers, we carried out mass production. We rounded up the 23 best alcohol gifts for those looking to get a little creative with their liquor, wine, and beer this season. The quasi-mystical symbol of the Uluvka brand is perfectly placed to draw the eye, but ultimately its the simplicity of the disproportionately shaped bottle which merits inclusion on this list. And each of the company’s bottles is as eye-catching as the next. Brent Rose. The next best thing to buying them a plane ticket to vineyards around the world. All 20 Woodford Reserve Derby bottles, the original artworks used to design the labels and other artifacts—including specialty glasses and Woodford Reserve’s $1,000 Mint Julep cups, which are sold on Derby Day for charity—will be on display in Woodford Reserve & the Kentucky Derby: Two Decades of Artistry, Bourbon and Horse Racing, a temporary exhibit at the Frazier Museum. Take them to Italy (or France, or California) on a budget. Another quirky-shaped bottle, that’s sure to attract a few second glances. When you’re surrounded by the glasses of the world, ceramic is distinctive. This is the second year that Anderson has been chosen to have his work featured on the collectible annual release. Plus, every single one comes with a corresponding gemstone of its own. They get vodka, and their garden gnome gets a new indoor brother. You’ll feel like a real pirate pouring from this, but for a true high-seas feeling, you could just swig it straight from the bottle. For a drink with a serious stiff-upper lip. The most innovative feature of the package is the embossed leather wrap. This limited edition whisky is a perfect gift for the friend that slathers hot sauce on everything. 700ml fancy clear trapezoidal shape alcohol bottles. In addition to our own custom glass bottles molds,  we can design glass bottles according to your needs, such as different capacity, glass bottle shape, color,  glass bottle corks and so on. It can also be purchased starting today at ReserveBar in approved states.