Yeah, my skin isn’t sensitive thats the issue, but i would love to try washing my face with honey! Can Purging be an effective treatment for Jojoba oil? When first used, something called “purging” occurs whereby all the non-inflamed acne like whiteheads are brought to the surface. Take care! The reason I say this is the trick is to clear your skin below the surface before putting any kind of oil on top of any clogs from cosmetics to dirt. How to use it as a cleanser (the oil cleansing method) The oil cleansing method is a contradictory way to cleanse your skin. Why Does Jojoba Oil ... And many people often note that things seem to get worse when they start using jojoba oil – there is a purging period where they break out ... it works like a charm! Do this until it has absorbed into skin as much as you can and leave for 10 min. In the time it took me to find an oil that works with my skin, my OCM regime had really slacked A LOT. But then people lower the amount and it works like a charm! If there’s one facial oil every skin type, especially oily and acne-prone skin should try, it’s jojoba oil (pronounced “ho-ho-ba” oil). I will probably post this information on other sites, such as my time permits. DISCLAIMER: I'm not a doctor. You do you! I do wear make-up, like mascare and concealer for my undereye circles. Any suggestions for me? Tracy, I havent heard back from you on your thoughts on honey possibly turning skin yellow? You could also use a touch of ethyl alcohol for increased penetration, but when I used this I did not. I used Jojoba once a day, every night for the first week. I tried the jojoba oil last night, just rubbing in one drop on my chin before bed, and this morning all of those bumps are literally gone! I’ve been using rose hip oil to cleanse my face in the evenings and it’s been lovely – leaves my skin feeling so smoothe! Msm is another underestimated miracle for skin. You are a lifesaver , I just use it once a day, just a tiny bit, gently rubbed into my forehead. Apply a bit of jojoba oil around the cuticles and go to bed and wake up to soft skin around the nails. I was also pretty flakey on my nose and in between my eyebrows-weird for an oily t-zone, I know. I wash my hands after the bathroom So is this better? It’s been bothering me for YEARS now. Please help! Guess what? Anxious because of the “purging period”; but I’ve got nothing to lose. . But currently my face is breaking out with whiteheads and some cystic acne (abt 5 of em and coming out new ones everyday) I’m really depress cause I’ve been fighting and fighting yet its still winning, I’m not gonna give up that easy, I have super oily skin, my current routine is cleanse with jojoba oil that I mixed with lavender oil, morning and night only. The soothing effect that jojoba oil leaves on the skin can also help relieve the itchy, inflamed redness caused by acne. I too have the hormonal stuff on the chin. Now my forehead has small bumps all over it and is rough, I also have minor breakouts and the rest of my face is slightly rough, not as much as my forehead. Also you wrote not to do a mask.. What mask? I heard there is a purging period associated when using jojaba oil. Just make sure that if you use any of the above that they are all 100 pure. I was wondering if you would recommend I use a Manuka honey mask once a week just to help clear it up a little? I then apply my BB cream for sunscreen and cover a few blemishes. Last week I ran out of toothpaste, so I made my own like you did last week. Massaging and moving things around can cause more irritation and inflammation, cause more clogged pores, ... (and may help prevent the “purge” that some people can experience when beginning to use jojoba oil for acne).