S. K. Maheshwari. 5 0 obj of the Partnership Firm Including Insolvency of partners, sale to a limited You must first complete Senior WAEC. preparation of trial balance including adjustments, (c) expenses. Financial Accounting complete Notes, Multiple choice questions and answers and solved papers will be uploaded very soon. session) the course guide includes a road map with the following sections: Objectives Reading Assignment Class Preparation Questions Graded Assignment Optional Questions. Inventory Record Systems: periodic and perpetual. Publishing H House, New Delhi. 4. FIFO, LIFO and Weighted Average. L           Marks: 15. and whole sale basis system. business 8)      Goldwin, Alderman and Sanyal, Financial structure, course policies or anything else. The due dates for these can be found in the Class Schedule below. As a user, who has access to less information than preparers about this business activity and about preparers' personal incentives to report or misrepresent it, how do you judge the usefulness of numbers reported in challenge 2 to your decision? FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING (Core Course – 6 Credits), B.Com Some of the other challenges are also interdependent. Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi. and loss account and balance sheet. and Objectives of Branch Accounting. Course grades are determined by the following weighting system: Letter grades for the course will be determined on the percentage of total points earned as follows: The instructor may lower the grade cutoffs for one or more letter grades at her discretion depending on the distribution of final course averages. accounting and to impart skills for recording various kinds of business Selecting and shutting a Company: Backup Salient features Marks: 10, (c) benefits, procedure for issuing accounting standards in India. Each quiz will have 10 multiple-choice questions and will be given on Canvas. 20. a. No text-storing calculators, including cell phone calculators and PDA calculators, are allowed. materiality and full disclosures. Latest edition of the text books should be used. The nature of financial accounting and loss account and balance sheet. Systems of dependent Branch Accounting and If you want to seek supplementary sources for the course material, or are interested in more advanced topics, we have placed the following books on reserve in the library: Stickney, C., and R. Weil. 1. Much learning takes place through this interaction. 3: Measurement of Business Income Lectures 16. i. transactions. Your answers will not be collected nor graded. By this, we mean the work you turn in must be your own, as opposed to copied from another. Merchant, Accounting: Text and Cases. Financial Accounting GRBA 809 Course Syllabus Print Version. The T.A.s are important members of the teaching team and are committed to helping you reach the course objective. Each quiz will be open on the first day of semester and remain open until the scheduled close time. Measurement of business income-Net income: the Students who commit acts of academic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary action and are granted due process and the right to appeal any decision. The course utilizes a case approach that provides a blend of theory, practice, and research. (Ind-AS): 2, Capital and revenue expenditures and receipts: Vol.-I. Homework questions will be the best way to prepare for the exams, as the exam questions will be very similar to the homework questions in terms of both format and difficulty level. Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi, 6.