While not a “special feature,” looking for a reliable product is definitely a consideration to think about when purchasing a home intercom system. When you get to your new home, just unpack and connect to start using right away. Wireless home intercom systems do not need to be hardwired to the internet but still need a source of power to run. Joel Santo Domingo is a former freelance contributor to Lifewire and an award-winning tech writer for PC Magazine, PCMag.com, Geek.com, and others. Some home intercom systems are portable, while others are designed to be wall-mounted or remain on a table or desk. Not seeing Netflix in your Google TV app? Better Home Guides is a participant in Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. However, before Google launches a better feature, this is still more than enough to send concrete commands and other info where the other side can respond if needed. The budget-friendly intercom starts at $40 for a single station. For that reason, it is a great option for those interested in security. I'm talking about a local two-way communication feature between Google Homes on the same network. You can use Google Home as an intercom with any Google Home, Google Home Max, and Google Home Mini smart speakers. All that you need to do is pack up the stations and your wifi equipment. If you have plans to expand your family or have aging parents move into your home, you may be wishing that you had sprung for a system with greater capabilities. These products allow users to access their video or audio feed remotely, using any wifi connection. Once you receive the message, you will have to reply back either with an agreement or disagreement. Whether you are looking to boost your home’s security, check on an elderly relative or young child, or just communicate with your family members during the day, a wireless home intercom system can be easy to install and use. Hosmart 1500 ft. Wireless Doorbell Intercom System, 15. Ayesha is a software developer by profession and is currently working as a lead developer with Code5. By itself, it provides audio and video connectivity between your front door and your smart phone. Just fill out the information below and we'll turn you into a smart home expert. That same phone should have the same Google Account as all other Google Home devices. Join over 260,000 subscribers! Best Match. It is also compatible with other brands’ products, making it a really smart purchase. The LaView video doorbell offers many of the features that competitors do at a lower price point, $170 for a peephole camera and handheld monitor. Your Google Home will automatically record it. You don’t even have to be connected to your home Wi-Fi to use this function. My Review: This futuristic-looking intercom system is made by a small Seattle-based business. The same considerations and systems can be used to care for the elderly in the home as well. £16.99. It has a simple set up and use, making it perfect for users who don’t need much more than a simple talk function. When you initiate a broadcast, it’ll go to every Home that has Do Not Disturb mode turned off. Can other people see or hear the feed and know when I may be away from my home? Using the canned responses is a great way to avoid having to use your own voice for repeated announcements. Are neighbors watching my elderly parent or baby sleep on the video monitor system? It is a stand-alone system so you know that the video and audio feed is secure. Deal: Nab a Google Nest Hub for just $50, making it a terrific gift idea, When should you expect to receive the Android 10 update? Unlike the original broadcast, your reply will return only to the sending device, whether it’s a phone or a Google Home speaker. However, very few of us know that these smart speakers can also be used as an intercom. Some audio-only systems do offer smartphone and home automation connectivity, but most are stand-alone systems. Moreover, you can also send a reply if you are at the receiving end of the broadcast. If you plan on selling your home in the near future (and even if you don’t), a home intercom system can be a valuable addition that increases your home’s value. The update is rolling out to users in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and the U.K. with Homes set to English. The next phrase you say will be recorded and played over all the speakers on your network whether you have ten Google Home speakers, or just two. If you’re on the receiving end of the broadcast, you may reply to the sender. A shed or workshop is a great place to have a home intercom station. This means that it is less secure, something to consider if that is an important feature for you. This method is for the situation in which you have multiple Google Home devices at your home. Common concerns include protecting against unwanted watchers, making stand-alone systems that do not use the home’s wifi network a great option. Living with dementia: home safety and security; Memory and safety factsheet; Living with dementia: sleep and night-time disturbances; Choosing telecare factsheet; Two-way intercom systems . This means that it does not offer smartphone connection options, talk to apps, or is accessible from outside of the basic range. Read through customer reviews to see what sort of range they found when actually using each system and compare it to the advertised range. At $230 per unit, it is also one of the pricier options. These systems may require a password or more complicated setup, which is why many offer professional setup and installation. My Review: I personally have used this system for years with two babies and other home communication needs. In this way, you can even save yourself from the hassle of going to your main door every time when someone rings the doorbell.