Directed by Nick Lyon. "Hercules Reborn" was better than "The Legend of Hercules" (even though they both currently have a 4.2 IMDb rating). My young daughters thought it was a spoof. "Hercules Reborn" is a remarkable achievement for Asylum considering its small micro budget. The bad news however is that Hercules Reborn in my opinion still was not a good movie. See it. | Mocked film title noted, if applicable. The studio's well-publicised maximum budget of $1m looks like it might have been stretched to the limit on this one - the sets, costumes etc. Full review: Hercules Reborn stars John Morrison (Impact, Lucha Underground, WWE, AAA) as Hercules. So, to clarify, Johnny Mundo is not the lead, and isn’t actually Hercules. This movie is by far the worst movie I have seen in a long while, can probably fit in to one out of five worst ever. Purely shouting matches and wrestling moves execution. The plot is pretty predictable and poor. At least it's better than this year's Adventures of Hercules, and based on preliminary trailers, probably better than The Rock and Rattner's. Do not watch. Let's get one thing clear: it's not money that makes The Asylum good or lack thereof that makes them bad. From a technical standpoint, this is head and shoulders above the vast majority of Asylum's stuff. And that is disrespectful to wood. In fairness, John Hennigan (or Morrison according to the DVD cover) makes a pretty good Hercules by micro-budget standards, certainly a lot better than Kellan Lutz (really!) The fallen hero has been living in exile, banished for killing his family, but the young man's courage inspires Hercules. Ratings Info strong bloody violence, gore. This movie was average, I am assuming the budget was low due to the limited extra's not too mention the average acting. Hercules stricken with sadness for being the one who killed his family turns to alcohol and as the title of the movie finds his redemption and is reborn. Acting and casting was just horrible. Gosh I hope this is finally enough lines to hit submit. Fight scenes are pretty good, story is okay...the violence is fairly good. You have been warned. Please if you want to make such kind of movies in the future as well then i would suggest you guys only one thing, you guys have a lot of hard work to do, starting from basics. The Asylum's filmography, in order chronologically. If only I could give this a no star rating!! can i rank it -1? Here I was expecting a story about Hercules, mythology, wars... And the story turned out to be a classic save the princess cliché without a twist, which I found even more disappointing. In fact, this is one of The Asylum's better efforts of late, and a very far cry from their nadir offerings such as 'Dragon Crusaders' and the truly abysmal 'Attila'. Every now and then you look forward to enjoy a average or slightly above average movie and you find yourself surprised. This is not the Hercules you are looking for. Greece is not a desert like in the movie 5. the suits in the movie are from ancient rome not Greece 6. not even the weapons!!! Hennigan has the “moody, troubled loner” thing to a T, but Hercules is really more of…. Ahhoz képest, hogy assylumos cucc, nem is teljesen borzasztó. Feels very much like one of those DtV Scorpion King sequels, of which I also love. And that is disrespectful to wood. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Clearly, Hercules has been wronged in the way typical of sword and sandal movies. Nikos slays the king and kidnaps Theodora so Arius sets out to find Hercules who is known to help those in need. My young daughters thought it was a spoof. "Hercules Reborn" is a remarkable achievement for Asylum considering its small micro budget. Story is very narrow and almost pointless - there's pretty much no story or anything behind the possible story. He does at least get to do a few of his showier parkour moves, but the director had no idea how to film this so they are badly edited and at times framed somewhat insanely. ", "In time, I will skill you in ways to love me.". Instead, Hercules…, The Asylum really does seem like they're using some of their additional income to amp up the production value lately. Hennigan did great work with the Action sequences (his Pro Wrestling experience paid off vastly). | You have been warned.Why a review needs to be 10 lines is beyond me. To my surprise, I didn’t hate this. It is a great movie. FAQ This is very good action movie. My young daughters thought it was a spoof. can i rank it -1? Greco-Roman films and TV series I have watched: from best to worst, Poor melodramatic acting most of the time, The director should be banned from the industry. The picture quality boasts extraordinary: clarity, details, and HD. Why all the hate? Probably in the shape of a swan or something. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hercules Reborn at The music is not that authentic but is rousing enough, and Marcus Shirock is fun and menacing in a way that Dylan Vox should have been. Please trust me - it's an utter waste of time! 0/10 it should be. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hercules Reborn at Mobile site. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. John Hennigan is a star on the rise!! The plot is not as bad as most reviewers say it is, although its your basic plot where the evil ruler takes a city by force because of his greed for riches and the hero is sought to save the city. It's just a piece of jerk. The genre of sword and sandal films also known as peplum isn’t quite as…. Unfortunately, the movie just didn't do it for me. Of the movies they released in 2014, Hercules Reborn is the one that came across to me as the best-looking, the sets and scenery are beautiful and give off a very pleasant atmosphere(even if some of what should be Greece looks more like a desert, a nice-looking desert that said), the photography is also nice, the costumes are well-tailored and convincing- although Princess Theodora's hair does take you out of the period-, the action sequences do contain some excitement and tense and are done with enthusiasm(loved the WWE skills between John Hennigan and Marcus Shirock) and John Hennigan has charisma and handles the action scenes very well. 1.Hercules was not an alcoholic as he is presented 2.the names in the movie are totally wrong 3.the city looks more like Jewish than Greek 4. Quite the worst dross I have ever seen. External Reviews It is an 8. Horribly shot, atrociously acted, poorly scripted and lacking in decent action scenes, the only redeeming factor in regards to this film is it's potential for a drinking game. 0/10 it should be. Las actuaciones son pésimas, en realidad, todo es malo, daba lo mismo ponerle Hércules Reborn que Cacho Reborn o Pedro Reborn, no iba a influir en nada, ya que de Hércules solo tiene el nombre. 4/10 Bethany Cox. Ratings Info strong bloody violence, gore. If you want a cheap action movie that has a favorite Wrestler in it, than this movie is worth watching on Tubi or rent. "The Legend of Hercules" had a 70 Million budget. Even swords look fake(plastic and dull)! This movie qualifies as a B movie it is bad from start to finish, the plot is paper thin, the story is weak, the movie is called Hercules but why was he in this movie is the question it is more about the general and hes princess girl friend, the actors in the movie cant act at all, the battle scenes are just awful especially when Hercules makes this wrestling back flip onto a enemy soldier!! Period, Peplum, Medieval, Arthurian, Egypt, Arabia, Greece, Rome, Biblical, Swashbuckler, Sword and Sorcery / Medieval / Swords and Sandals / High Fantasy, Neo-Exploitation, Crappy Sequels, OTT, Tongue-In-Cheek & Similar Styled Crap. Christina Wolfe was the damsel in distress, but she had some fight in her! I’m not making either of those up, incidentally: Leda and Danaë, respectively. A surprisingly fun and well-made Asylum mockbuster. I will not rate it as I can not justify even a half star rating to myself. What begins well ends up just spinning its wheels. This time Hercules is played by former WWE wrestler John Hennigan (John Morrison in WWE) The film itself is pretty standard. You have been warned.Why a review needs to be 10 lines is beyond me. "The Legend of Hercules" had a 70 Million budget. Producers of this movie should be sued for culpable violation of the right of people for good movies.. please you moderators please post this review. Waste of time. The story(we'll forget for a second that mythology verges between vaguely realised and ignored) while not dull could have been less standard and predictable and have had more thrills and fun, while the script has a lot of talk but a lot of it sounds very forced and rough draft like(ie. How is it possible that the army of the king has so few soldiers that a bunch of 30 men could over throw them? Quite the worst dross I have ever seen.