Gently dropping a note that you may have missed a good chunk of the 'peanut' drama. Song-hwa stares at him confused, and Chi-hong smiles back. unfortunately there weren't many but I'm looking forward to this Thursday to see more . It's only EP 3,so waiting to see how his character develops. Judging from me eagerly waiting for Thursday each week, I guess I like it very much. I'll rant about these three for now, can't wait for Thursday ! }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. I also get the feeling song hwa likes ik jun from her coll days. More Originals. I like how each of our group of 5 best friends actually has their own romantic loveline. As he hangs up, he hears an ambulance siren in the distance. She apologizes for believing in superstitions, but Joon-wan says that it’s okay as long as it puts her as ease. Jo Jung Suk's voice is really good, omg. The patient’s wife sits with her sleeping son—who’s holding a toy that was on Ik-joon’s desk—and Ik-joon tells the group that the little boy will never get to celebrate Children’s Day with his dad again. Unlike Ik-joon, she doesn’t smile and asks him to move somewhere quieter. Genres. - Laporlah jika drama ada yang error dengan menyertakan episode berapa. She tells the other person not to come, but her visitor is already here. Drama ini juga akan membahas kisah band yang dibentuk oleh kelompok dokter. The patient today is a young boy who cries uncontrollably, and after some failed attempts to calm him, the mother slaps Jung-won in the shoulder, play-acting to show her child that she’ll protect him. i belive JW was just pulling IJ's leg...but the straight face with which he did it.....pushed IJ's buttons more. 9.1/10 from 21 users. Cast. Song-hwa enjoys the rainy ambiance alone when she receives a call, asking where she is. I just hope it doesn’t develop to be a real trait of me, being intolerant. I have learned through years of kdrama-watching that watching many shows at the same time makes me intolerant and unappreciative. There seems to have been issues before her reassignment, which makes it very unfair for Ik-joon when she blames their separation as a cause of their divorce. We know that Ik Jun can empathise cause he is a dad himself and we can see he really loves his kid. But in the drama "I believe" by Jun Wan is the killing part . She says that he was the first one to visit her, but she seems annoyed that he refused to take a photo. The young male med student did such a good job of at the baby hand holding scene and the 'heart touching' scene. But the also cried with the organ donor patient... , The way Jo Jung-seok delivers his lines in that scene, and how Jun-wan looks at him with his trademark grouchy-co fused stares. His son is too adorable . 'format' : 'iframe', We saw how people reacted because because it was a more substantial relationship, but Seonghwa moved on. This character actually made me think of military personnel in a new light. Required fields are marked *. }); However, the next song is “Aloha,” and the friends wonder who put it in. I don’t know how else I can express how much I like/love this drama. Although they seem to be a good match, I don't feel like Ik-Jun will develop romantic feelings for Song-hwa. I cried esp the slow and somber version of the soundtrack 'Lonely Night' was playing. I will be more than happy if the show continues to be this good, no matter how long it’ll go on.. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Jung-won chimes in, reminding everyone that Ik-joon registered their group as a comedy act, and Ik-joon defends his action since their band lacked musical skills. Chi-hong apologizes, and Song-hwa realizes that she’s bothering him and tries to keep quiet. If there wasn’t anything on the side of Joon-wan, why was he shy whenever someone mentioned the incident? Since January until now we have so many options with good and promising dramas. CN Blue's Secret Trip (2020) My guess is that Song-hwa might end up seeing Captain Ahn. I hope everything will be better for him in the next episodes. Actors: does anyone else believe that Seong Hwa and Ik-Jun have some potential for a relationship? I am watching Prison Playbook now and surprised how good it is. Despite the hours of work and dedication doctors pour into their patients, they can’t fix everything, but even so, these five friends and the doctors around them will try their best to save as many people as they can even if that means sleepless nights and no weekends. First there was Woo-joo, who talks about “Terminator Aunt,” and when Ik-joon tells Chi-hong that he knows someone in the military, he was obviously talking about his sister. However, Song-hwa was testing them since the recommendation was correct, and she orders both residents to study. I'm a huge fan of the Reply series as well as Prison Playbook so I'm really sad that I'm not enjoying this one. But I am really really loving the pace and editing. He tells them that the surgery was a success, and they cry in relief. JJS is such a great fit for Ik Jun . It’s interesting how her introduction was through other characters with little hints being dropped throughout the episode. Laughed with heart eyes at Jeong won the pediatrician. For Song-hwa, she is surely a girl crush. Forced to make a choice, Jung-won stares at his desk with a grim expression: what character bandage to use? }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Emergencies can happen at any time which is why doctors have busy schedules and no weekends. Oh ik-jun! As it turned out, she was into Dr.Ahn and asked Ik-jun to secretly take pictures of him. The Return of Superman Episode 366 English Sub Watch Video. Jung-won looks hurt as the mother calls him a “bad” guy, but for the patient’s sake, he plays along. After the surgery, the nurse informs Joon-wan that his second patient has a fever, so he delays the operation. Outside the operating room, Joon-wan passes the patient’s grandmothers to speak with the young parents first. Heh. This drama is planned for three seasons. js = d.createElement(s); = id; As he heads out, Joon-wan borrows a suit from Jae-hak, but when he tries it on, he gawks at his reflection. To me, he reminds me of Park Bo-gum in some way. I think the actor who plays Seok-hyung seems very familiar, so it might be that I have seen his work before but can’t really put my finger in which. Though I shouldn’t jump to conclusions, I can’t help but immediately dislike Hye-jung because I’ve already grown attached to these five friends and want to protect them at all cost. Right then, Ik-joon gets a call from his wife, Yook Hye-jung, and Joon-wan jokingly asks if he has a wife. Sinopsis Hospital Playlist Drama Korea Hospital Playlist ini menggambarkan kisah para dokter, perawat, dan pasien di rumah sakit. Song-hwa checks on Chi-hong and offers to buy him coffee. My Little Old Boy Episode 217 English Sub Watch Video.