All genie bluemax remotes used dip switches to set the code to. Compatible 6000 Series 6500 Compatible Not Compatible Controll-A-Door Dip Switches and Learn Buttons On Garage Door Openers – Remotes. If you know of some other, more compatible universal garage door openers, please let us know in the comment section below with the make and model of the remote to assist others when they need to choose a garage door replacement remote. In addition to the Skylink app the unit also works with most home automation systems using the IFTTT platform. buttons. If your opener is not listed here, there’s still a good chance your opener is compatible with the Momentum® Garage Door Controller. Skylink Nova is compatible with most garage door openers made after 1993. For a garage door opener compatibility list, go to . Note: This is not a complete list of all compatible and incompatible openers, however we will continue to update the list as we learn more. If your garage door opener has a “Yellow” learn button , it utilizes the Security+ 2.0 technology. These colors are important as they let you know what frequency your garage door openers receiver operates on, and thus what remotes and keypads will be compatible with your opener. If the genie remote says bluemax or acsctg or some other type of name without a model number it is still possible to find the corresponding remote for your needs.