This guide will show you how to package both. And leaving half the width of the item as extra cardboard on the opposite side, cut the rest of the excess cardboard off completely, from side to side. I'd also recommend using a T Square ruler (for people like me, who can't make a straight line to save her life!) Repeat this process for the other side of the box. Another approach to cardboard folds is to use a screen "spline roller" tool (available at any hardware store) to create a crushed line which is then easily folded. If step 1 explained the difference between a cut (through) and a score (not through) then all the directions after that could be clearer. Clear shipping tape is most moisture-resistant. this is the awesomest! Cut from the inside-out with the box cutter, starting at the item and cutting away from it. Reply Use a custom wooden crate for artworks such as sculpture, large-sized paintings, and fragile items But that isn't all. Sort your artwork according to size. The final piece of the “how to pack framed artwork” puzzle is a durable shipping box. Custom Wooden Crate. on Step 6. hey can you show me how to make a hallow box to use it as a speaker enclosure? You can also branch out and build boxes to fit other things, like making your own triangular box to fit posters, or an oblong or different shaped box to fit anything. on Introduction, well, first off by a big tv, then go after this ible. Tape the box closed, and put the address on the label. Then, wrap all 4 thin sides of the box with additional masking tape to help reinforce the box. If you have a fragile item, bubble wrap then a custom cardboard box works. (Later we will see that this makes the cardboard fold perfectly.) Making an item's own box minimizes the size, the weight, the need for more packaging material, and thus making the postage/shipping fees less. on Introduction, 10 years ago I'm also from Montreal originally but a long time ago and now live on the West Coast in BC. Now, look at one of the two open sides and you will see your item's side and some excess cardboard hangover. Need to ship large artwork? 4. This will definitely help in Shipping aquarium snails, because at $.50 a snail, buying boxes is not an option. Maybe it is a holiday season and you are wrapping a gift that needs a box for shape or structure; or would benefit from a layer of protecting cardboard; or need to fit an item of an odd shape/size into a box for storing/mailing. If you're moving large pieces of artwork, it's best to pack each piece in a separate specialty box … It was lovely to find your site, look at your artwork and make a connection. Place the item inside the box and fold shut. I made it, but I don't have a photo. The great thing about shipping with a courier is choice and flexibility. Break the box down starting with opening the tabs on top and bottom of the box. -- and have batched some myself but never put it together (the procedure, that is) in as orderly a fashion as this. Truck rental centers carry “mirror boxes” that work well for large art. Sometimes I also pick up used shipping boxes … 10 years ago Slide your wrapped frames in the box and fill the open space with bubble wrap. They developed also app to help me create shipping box. These will be published along with your advice. Now there is one long piece of cardboard laid on the floor. If you have individual artwork elements such as logos, images or text, you can customize your box specifications directly on our 3D design tool and receive pricing on that same page. 9 years ago Do not push the item to the exact edge! Have fun :-). on Introduction. Don’t skimp on packing tape on the outside of the shipping box. This will … Apply tape in a star pattern to the frame’s glass. on Introduction. if they had boxes in the odd sizes that are sometimes needed . 4 years ago. Make another parallel cut line on the other side of the item. Fold along the cut lines and see how easily and perfectly it bends and forms the four corners of the box! I think cutting up the edges of the cardboard boxes is not really a good idea because you will then need to tape them back up in order to store your things in and you know that duct tapes are not that entirely secure. on Introduction, this looks awesome! Now, take the item off the cardboard and flip the cardboard over onto its other side. Ah cool, this would be even better, thanks for the info. I go crazy trying to find boxes to fit all the odd things I need to pack up -- ever try an old fashioned ceramic tea pot with lid? You will need to leave half the width of the item's side as extra cardboard that will be able to fold up onto the sides of the item. Pack & Ship Guarantee. We discourage using styrofoam peanuts as a filler material. great instructable :), Reply For art, the best two options for shipping is either with a new, triple ply cardboard box or a wooden crate. You can tape it all at once, or in pieces. Nice tutoraial, thank you very much but I found out this awesome idea: This link might help you in many ways . I’ll describe how at the end of this article. . As you build your design on the 3D box model, you will see your Unit Price update in real-time to reflect any changes that affect your project's pricing. Thank you so much! This is a tool that has narrow steel rollers at each end.