Huang Shan is one of China's famous mountain for producing great Green teas and their Mao Feng is certainly one of the best. China has produced many types of tea. Privacy Policy | Pour into gaiwan little boiling water and let warm up; Use a heated gaiwan lid, merging the hot water from the gaiwan over a cup of tea for the waste; Pour the water with a temperature of 80 degrees and pour in 15-20 seconds; The again, pour water (gaiwan must be full at 02.03); Let the tea brew for 20 seconds, loosely cover it with a lid; Drink it from a gaiwan, if you have one, or pour into a jug and pour into cups, if you are having company. The tea tastes clean and refreshing, and lasts a long time on the tongue. One of them is Huangshan Maofeng. The suggested weight ratio of tea to water is 1:80. In this way, Huangshan Maofeng was created. We almost always brew Mao Feng in a transparent teapot. Terms of Use | By the way, this moisture is associated with a beautiful Chinese legend, which we will cover later. 6. The leaves are picked in when still buds with one unfolding leaf. She wept at his grave until her tears turned into rain, and the body turned into the tea tree. Those are the Huangshan Maofeng Tea benefits for health, or in the West, people call it Yellow Mountain Cloud Mist Tea, to your body. Legend of Huangsan Maofeng Tea. 5. No image or print in this site may be used without written permission. The tea eases bronchial spasm, and is a good supplement in the treatment of bronchial asthma, myocardial infarction. It contains a large number of andiaksidantov; It helps to reduce weight (of course, subject to additional efforts in all directions); It lowers blood pressure, so it is not recommended for people with low blood pressure; It reduces the negative effects of aging; Housewares: Set for the tea ceremony (gaiwan cup for tea waste jug, cup, scoop), or simply a transparent teapot / cup. All content is informational purpose only, does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. It is produced between the scenic Huangshan Mountains in Anhui Province. Not even all mao feng teas are the same. However, the girl had his eye and a local wealthy landowner who noticed her collection of tea, made the girl's parents make her marry him. For the production of this tea, the only suitable parts of the plant arethe tea tree tops - shoots from one of TIPS and two or three leaves. Huangshan Maofeng promotes blood circulation to remove blood stasis in the body, and prevents hardening of the arteries and cancer. Health Benefits of Huangshan Mao Feng. 1. Grown here, Huangshan Mao Feng was first brewed around the 1050s, and since then it captivates tea lovers around the world for its flavor and color. And the tea of the second round is the best. By consuming tea every morning, your cells will be protected by antioxidant and will prevent dangerous materials to alter your body cells or system which will increase your body immunity. Since then, in these places there is high humidity and therer grows this gentle, sensual tea. After brewing, it appears faint green color, with mellow and long lasting orchid aroma. By buying this product you can collect up to 58 loyalty points. The main effect of the tea for our body is its caffeine. Our Huang Shan Mao Feng comes from the tea company owned by Mr. Xie Yi Ping, a descendant of the original creator of this tea … Even in the noon, when you feel tired, you can consume a cup of tea instead of buying energizer drink on supermarket to keep you alive and energized during work. This tea comes from south eastern area in Anhui Province. It relaxes and gives appeasement. The techniques and production of Huangshan Mao Feng Tea are unique. It’s definitely one of tea alternative for you to choose in the morning if you’re bored with your current tea morning routine. We drink Huangshan Mao Feng when we want to let go of all of our problems, relax and feel the lightness. So we get to the most "delicious" moment - direct infusion. Most of them seems original and healthy due to their production method. For generations, the Xie family in Fuxi Town with a resident population of approximately 10,000 live by planting tea, processing tea and selling tea. The popularity of the modern name happened much later, and the event is associated with the name of the merchant Xie Zhengan, which in 1875 began to produce Huangshan Mao Feng in factories in "Ksiyutay.". But it has good amount of caffeine to naturally boost your energy in the morning. The Peach Peak, Ziyun Peak, Yungu Temple, Songgu Temple, 700-800 meters above sea level, are the major places for premium Huangshan Mao Feng planting. Then, get them steamed, rolled and baked in the same day. The scenic and mystic Yellow Mountain began to grow tea 1200 years ago. Mao Feng tea, like almost any of the Chinese Green teas, has many beneficial properties for the body. As promised, we will tell you the legend of the places where Mao Feng tea grows. Drink the Huangshan Maofeng tea regularly. There’s also some alternative to make your teeth to be white naturally by chewing Cloves. Finally, your Huangsan Maofeng Tea is finally ready. Raw materials for our Mao Feng tea, are harvested in early spring before the Qingming Festival. Yellow Mountain has long taken credit for having the most breathtaking mountain views in China, and also the best tea plantation fields with the exceptional advantage of high elevation, warm climate, abundant rainfall, and a large area of fertile soil hidden in the cloud and fog. Huangshan Maofeng is a kind of green tea and one of the top 10 Chinese tea.The dry tea leave is in micro-roll shape like Finch tongue, processed from fat tea bund. Room 706, Jinhe Building, 21 Zhishan Road, Guilin, Guangxi, P. R. China, 541002 +86 773 3810138, © Copyright 1999-2020, All rights reserved Easy Tour China Travel Co. Ltd., a reliable China-based tour operator. It also has original tea and green tea. You can also add milk. China has black tea such as the amazing health benefits of Keemun Black Tea and health benefits of Lapsang Souchong Tea that have high benefits to your body. Fourth, filter the boiled tea to the tea pot, or if you prefer drink it with the leaves, pour the tea to the kettle. They lived happily and the girl really wanted to be with him forever. Some of Huangsan Maofeng Tea includes: lowering blood pressure (thus it’s not recommended for people who suffers low blood pressure), having positive impacts on both liver and skin health, having antibacterial and diuretic system to fight your body from bacteria both outside and inside your body.It also has strong effect to lowering your body weight as it has zero calories just like other tea characteristic and it can be natural whitening method for your teeth as it has fluoride to keep your teeth strong and reducing plague. Tip: bring your nose to the cover of the gaiwan, so you will recognize the full bouquet of smells and fully enjoy them. From her grave, rain fell and her body spread humidity on the field where the farmer plants the seed to spread her love that she never got. The best Huangshan Maofeng teas are picked in the early Spring before China's Qingming Festival (April 4-5). One night before the wedding, this girl ran away to his beloved, but the landlord and his servant chased her, captured her, and then killed her. Most of the tea has mostly same benefits for your body. © All Material in this site is Copyrighted by 2011 - 2020. Huangshan Maofeng is one of the ten famous teas in China. Eager to lose weight? 3. 4. It was in 1875 during the Qing Dynasty that a tea merchant named Zheng’an Xie from the Xie family who was also a local grower improved the original tea processing method and developed a “secret” formula so as to meet the market demand, compete for wholesale business and export business. Huangshan Maofeng clears harmful bacteria in the body, and helps to cure intestinal diseases. This tea is suitable for many, it has a sweet aftertaste and floral fragrance, so it is popular all over the world. 1. To fill in for 15-20 seconds, drain the water. Mao Feng differs from other green teas in that the leaves, when filled with boiling water, immediately rise to the surface and then slowly unfold (expanded leaves resemble the bird's beak with a tongue) and settle. Body immunity can also be increased by consuming Schizandra Five Flavour Berry.Interesting Benefits from Huangsan Maofeng Tea. Mao Feng tea, like almost any of the Chinese Green teas, has many beneficial properties for the body. After brewing it in boiled water, the steam will arise and linger above the yellowish green liquor. 2. 2. The night before the wedding, the girl ran away from home to her beloved, but the landowner and his servants were killed.