You can also use the output jacks for different plug-in applications. 1987 LM7. The easy functionality and smooth action make the guitar a suitable option for both the beginners and growing students. 5 Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitars For The Money, Acoustic Guitar Strings Guide – 3 Things To Know. Its total weight is 9 pounds. The weight is 2.95 pounds and size dimensions are 6 x 20 x 45inches. Besides, it is available at a very reasonable price. It is made by using carefully selected tonewoods that not only adds to the attractive appeal but also enhances your musical experience. And as a mahogany guitar, it has a really good sustain. The hobbyists and new guitarists should begin their musical journey with it. It’s in a very good relationship with highs and basses. It has a stable poplar structure, and neck consists of maple. Try this for powerful tone and high-quality sound. For the players who want to get a handy option for better learning, it is a promising model. Ibanez offers electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, effect and pedals, amps, plus guitar accessories like tuners, straps and picks Here comes a handy choice for the professionals and intermediate level players. It has a thin body which is amplification-friendly. 2) Ibanez JEMJRWH Steve Vai Signature 6-String Electric Guitar. The light weight makes it easily portable. A natural open pore finish with mahogany wood grain looks very appealing. Further, the size dimensions include 6 x 12 x 43 inches. For all the players who have a low budget, here is an excellent choice. 8) Ibanez GRGA120 GIO RGA Series Electric Guitar Black Night. What makes PC12MH a more advantageous choice is the inexpensive price. Guitars have always been a popular string instrument. Some other perks are smooth action and quick response. Besides, careful selection of manufacturing material and flawless workmanship makes it a preferred choice for those who are in search of the moderately priced yet good quality acoustic guitar. The body consists of high-grade mahogany. Lightweight makes it easy to carry and easy to transport. These are made to provide exceptional shredability. Moreover, the top consist of spruce wood. If you want to begin your musical adventure with a low-priced guitar featuring professional sound quality and sturdy structure, it is a beautiful option. It is suitable for players of all levels. It’s very nice, light-weight and quality-build guitar. The guitar’s top, sides and back consist of solid mahogany. It offers great value for your money. The new players can enjoy learning as it is easy to handle. Considering the functionality, The GRX20WWH is a suitable pick for both the entry-level players and the professional musicians. They did that by offering the combination that's still their greatest strength today: high build quality, great sound and solid craftsmanship all affordable on a beginner's budget. Take a look at this exquisite model with special attention to detail. It is crucial to make the right buying decision the model you select would impact your performance. This guitar is in a sunburst finish and it features original double cutaway body style. It provides top-quality sound in addition to smooth action and improved resonance. You can buy this guitar to enjoy enhanced clarity sound and traditional acoustic tone at a very cheap rate. In addition to these, the brand also manufactures amplifiers and different accessories. It is very appropriate for long sessions of practice. 14) Ibanez AEG10NII Nylon String Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black.