Currently, the Minister of Public Health for the State of Coahuila is conducting several clinical studies on obesity and the diabetes control simultaneously in which Frank’s technology to restore the metabolism is being employed. Using high quality supplements to support your body’s recovery of the metabolism. Frank Suárez, quien logró vencer su propio problema de obesidad, es un especialista en obesidad y metabolismo por su propio mérito. His administrative experience was solidified during his twenty years as Vice-President of Suarez Toy House, a merchandise distribution firm established by his father. Te voy a […], Quiero hablarte hoy de una deficiencia que yo entiendo y que los estudios reflejan que es la deficiencia más desastrosa que tiene la población en todos los países del mundo. Frank Suárez ofrece un montón de contenido increíble a través de muchas plataformas y es difícil mantenerse al día. Es más fácil buscar un tema específico, ya sea para usted o … A raíz del descubrimiento de que todo […], Quiero hablarte hoy de estudios científicos que han reflejado que una gran parte de la población de los EE.UU. His investigation led to the identification of factors that reduced metabolic rate in people, such as sugar addiction, dehydration, yeast infections, digestive problems, thyroid dysfunction and foods that negatively affect the body’s nervous or hormonal systems. Dutch translations are available. His educational technology to restore metabolism, expressed in an easy-to-understand language in his books The Power of Your Metabolism and Problem-Free Diabetes, have garnered attention from countries like Mexico where the epidemic of obesity and diabetes threatens a break-down of the public health system. Our main offices are located in Clearwater Florida. To receive the help of a certified metabolism consultant visit us at or call us at 1-888-348-7352. Puerto Rico Senate recognition: with resolution #938, of September 2014, the Senate of Puerto Rico recognized and congratulated Frank Suarez “for his work as an educator and his nomination and invitation to become a lifetime member of the prestigious Academy of Arts and Sciences of Puerto Rico, and for his valuable contribution to the general welfare, through his initiatives and books focusing on developing healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle.”, For his educational health-promoting message in September of 2015 was awarded a Doctor of Humanities Honoris Causa title by CUFS UNIVERSITY of North Miami, Florida, United States. In 2006, he published the book El Poder del Metabolismo (The Power of Your Metabolism), of which more than 500,000 copies were sold in Puerto Rico, positioning Frank Suarez as the highest-selling Puerto Rican author of modern times. Founder and President of the Board of Directors of NaturalSlim®, with operations in Puerto Rico, Mainland United States, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. Acceso todo el tiempo Toma tu capacitación en cualquier momento, ya sea en tu computadora de escritorio o portátil, tableta o dispositivo móvil con internet. #laverdadsiempretriunfa #elpoderdelmetabolismo #metabolismotv #franksuarez, Esta deficiencia es muy peligrosa. El especialista Frank Suárez te servirá como guía personal a medida que vas completando tus lecciones en los temas del metabolismo. We are open to the public 9 am to 8 pm EST. This book was awarded as “Best Health Book” in 2015 by the International Latino Book Award organization. In essence, to educate on these subjects he uses short videos that are delivered for free and teach practical easy to understand diet and lifestyle tips on how to beat obesity, how to control diabetes without medication and how to improve the body’s energy production capacity to naturally improve or solve all kinds of varied health problems from high blood pressure, arthritis, lack of sleep or even cancer. C uriosamente la mayoría de los estudios que se han hecho históricamente sobre el tema de la calidad del sueño y los efectos en la salud, efectos en el […], Quiero contestar algunas preguntas que nos han hecho los suscriptores de MetabolismoTV, preguntando que les explique sobre la fiebre ¿Qué es la fiebre? Comenzó su trabajo de investigador en el ámbito de rebajar por una necesidad de cambiar su vida y su salud. Understanding diabetes is a key step towards taking control of the condition and here you will learn the basics of the condition and how it affects the body.