My ex-girlfriend lived nearby where the restaurant was, Silsden in West Yorkshire. Chef David Blaine, not the famous magician, is sacked after threatening Daniel but not after he comes for Jen, Alan's wife accusing her of being a pill popper. But the glass house one is also very good. The Runaway Girl was being run to the ground the owner Justin where he kept disagreeing with his head chef and best friend, Ritchie. He bragged about his pizza but served frozen pizza dough and was convinced was the best pizza around. So Nino was prepared for a Gordon grilling, so prepared that he brought out the receipts when questioned about the cleanliness - actual photographs of himself cleaning. It does little to calm her as she gives as good as she gets in a HUGE argument with Gordon. Coupled with the fact that it's a pizzeria with a delusional and spoiled owner, it was a recipe for disaster. So it's no surprise that Gordon was batting away flies as he tried to eat his lunch. Strangely enough, their intention for giving Ramsay a call was for him to tell the world that their food was good (even if it wasn't), not because they wanted Ramsay to fix their establishment. So convinced was he in his pizza that he was convinced that it could become a franchise and would sell in supermarkets. They remained open for 8 years with great success. Enter kitchen Nightmares UK, it's almost a different show from the couple episodes that I have seen, its interesting without stringing you along with blown up drama and music that has more cymbals clashing than a trailer for the next Hollywood blockbuster. "Piccolo Teatro" is another episode in the BBC segment of Kitchen Nightmares and this time around, Ramsay takes a trip to Paris, France. It's a fine example of why we like Kitchen Nightmare so much; the owner couple usually blames their restaurant for their dying marriage when the restaurant was simply impending the nail in the coffin. So Adele retired, got bored after a few days and dragged her husband back out of retirement to open a restaurant. Sid Natividad likes movies so much as to choose the risk of urinary tract infection than miss a few minutes of post-credit Easter eggs, that shows the extent of his dedication. Is it just me who thinks they probably had enough material for a whole season at La Galleria 33? A one-stop shop for all things video games. You know the restaurant is going to be a bad one, when Gordon says a prayer before he samples the food. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. How did they ever think it would be a good idea to own a restaurant together? The basement kitchen was a breeding ground for cockroaches that festered on every surface and in every appliance. I got the sense he wanted to be enjoying a quiet retirement in Florida, which he eventually got *SPOILER* when they later closed the restaurant. If you thought Sebastian was the worst restaurant owner by far, then you haven't met Joe, owner of Mill Street Bistro in Ohio. The cheap tat burns so ferociously that the Fire Department swing by to control the fire. It's a restaurant situated in California again and is ruled... sorry, run by the most tyrannical pizzeria boss ever. Cry and cry? It came to a point when Zeke's no longer had any redeeming quality left; the food was awful, the staff was being abused, and it was losing money on all aspects despite all the budget cuts. Their restaurant is a steakhouse (supposedly) called Spin A Yarn where husband and wife (mis)manage the establishment. But they didn't! NEXT: 10 Best Reality TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now. Peter took money from the till whenever he wanted and let the kitchen decline into disrepair. The Chef's knew no English so when Gordon asked for a vegetarian starter it was little surprise when he was given meat. Anyway, it's one of the first few episodes of Kitchen Nightmares (the US version) where Ramsay was bombarded with a multitude of problems. Owner Joe gives Gordon a tour of his ranch and preaches about farm to table despite serving mostly frozen food. The special 'Great British Nightmare' episode with the Dovecote Bistro and Runaway girl was also decent. There was frustration and revelations as the true nature of the restaurant including the cockroaches was revealed to restaurant financier, Vic's stepdaughter. From Amy's Baking Company to Dillions, here's the best episodes via IMDb. She was one of the most hilariously clueless owners that featured on Kitchen Nightmares. Abby does a full 180 when even the staff tell her that the food is NASTY. Here we have another classic tale of a married couple in full dispute with the restaurant's staff and chef as well as their son who's also part of the restaurant. The decor was terrible but after Gordon revamped the decor with a new blue colour scheme Adele told Gordon she detested the colour blue. The owners blame the font on the menu for the failure of the restaurant, or maybe it's the weather or it could have been the tablecloths? Even Ramsay couldn't save it and it got permanently closed. Gordon Ramsay's 2 versions of Kitchen Nightmares still have fans watching. I've seen a lot of Kitchen nightmares USA, its fun but the melodramatic editing gets tiring. Sebastian was proud to have designed the whole offering by himself, which was disastrous. Seasons, episodes in order Gordon Ramsey is the man, Enjoy SUBSCRIBE to Haroldhors 30 Playlists of Tv series, movies, music & others New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the KitchenNightmares community, Discussion of the UK & US show Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay, Hotel Hell, and related topics, Press J to jump to the feed. Both of them have issues that creep all too rampantly into the restaurant from the husband's lack of proper cooking experience to the wife's poor style of management which opens both her husband and the customers to abuse. One of Ramsay's most popular profanity-riddled shows was Kitchen Nightmares, where the hot-tempered Scottish chef and TV personality helped struggling and failing restaurants, mainly by shouting at them about fresh produce and frozen appetizers, while the … Delusions of grandeur probably aren't even enough to describe Joe in a nutshell. One of them has alcohol problems and even drinks in the restaurant while the other is an escapist and runs from all her problems. Gordon had to nag her to try the food and she pulled a face or complained about most dishes on offer. The main problem was the food and the menu. The chefs (apart from Danny) were incompetent and utterly useless. Have you ever wanted to see Gordon Ramsay actually love the meat he was served at a restaurant? Kitchen Nightmares is my favourite television show ever and here is my round up of the best Kitchen Nightmares episodes that are essential viewing. In the second part, Gordon throws Joe out of the kitchen after ANOTHER huge argument. Those with spam links, offensive language or of an offensive nature will not be published. It even got to a point where the two of them would end up shouting at each other on the restaurant grounds. Mill Street Bistro was one of the best episodes showcasing a stubborn owner who argued with Gordon at every opportunity and made Gordon so angry. The staff was always fighting with the family owners and everything was on the verge of collapse. In a very nutty shell, they were clueless about running a restaurant and it showed. But not enough to not wear a blue shirt during the episode? There was plenty of family drama here. This was thanks to the two owners of the Oceana, brothers Rami and Moe. In fact, the only person who could save them was the head chef with her professional attitude and cooking skills... it's too bad she wanted out since Hot Potato Cafe was merely but a stepping stone for her; she doesn't even consider it as a career choice, much to the sadness and stress of the three sisters. That's the second episode. One manager ended up cooking the American dishes on the menu, one was quiet as a mouse lingering in the corner and one was constantly on his prehistoric 2005 flip phone and flirting with the waitresses. Burger Kitchen is one of the few two-part episodes featured on Kitchen Nightmare’s, which stands as a testament to what… It features two of the most delusional married couple bar none to own a restaurant that they annoyed Gordon until he gave up.