Prior to joining Fair Trade USA, Heather served with the Non-GMO Project, supporting business development and certification. Matt started his career in strategy and finance, earned a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Stanford University. at our expanded 7th annual tradeshow! Together they created Kombucha Kamp as a one-stop destination for the highest quality brewing supplies, information, and support. After graduation, Trout moved to Los Angeles to accept a position working in pharmaceuticals but continued to cultivate an interest in holistic and “real” food that fuels a hard-working lifestyle. As Brand Director, Winslow develops programs and messaging to drive the company’s mission forward, leads innovation, and oversees Health-Ade’s sustainability and social impact initiatives. To learn about our use of cookies and how you can manage your cookie settings, please see our Cookie Policy. You can find Oddity Kombucha around … LIVELY UP KOMBUCHA The Lakeshore’s Craft Kombucha Brewery Lively Up is a creative impulse;an imperative desire to nurture symbiosis. 3:30-4:15pm – Passport Prize Giveaway Since then, he has worked at Boochcraft as a scientist in the quality department using his understanding of chemistry and microbiology. Starting with a small investment from friends and family, combined with personal credit card debt, Matt slowly made that first teahouse a success. In 2003, Matt Thomas started his first Portland Teahouse based on a business plan he wrote a year earlier at the University of Oregon. Originally from England, he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Sandra. Keisha’s love of microbiology and home brewing led her to her current field of study at OSU. 3, pp. 8950 W Olympic Blvd, Ste 494, Brian is currently the Engineering & Food Safety Manager for Ingredion Inc. If you are looking to make Kombucha, Jun or Kefir we are the people to talk to. She co-founded BABS in order to help brewers and other craft producers enhance their quality control programs through testing, education, and consultation. Prior to working for Majority Leader Hoyer, David worked in the public affairs department of a very politically active legal trade association, where he assisted in the development and execution of its communications and lobbying strategies. To further deepen the understanding of the kombucha fermentation process and to help brewers in their search for higher-quality beverages, the microbial species diversity and its dynamics during the fermentation process should be investigated in detail, as well as the kinetics of the substrate consumption and metabolite production, and the relationship between the substrate and metabolite concentrations, and the consumer preferences for the resulting beverage. Kombucha and Kombucha-based products have been sold commercially in European apothecaries for at least 60 years. How Public Relations Can Help You Build Awareness For Your Brand, Symbiosis Fermenters Update & Crisis Management while Scaling Up, Barbara Wildhaber is the founder of BWild Beverages (, Amelia Winslow joined Health-Ade Kombucha in 2016 to pursue her passion for real food and her desire to make a positive impact on our food system. The homebrewer-turned-commercial-bottler is a familiar path in the Kombucha industry as what often starts as a hobby can grow into a business when fueled by passion, lots of hard work and love of helping others. 78, No. Kombucha is anything but normal, and we love it. Oddity Kombucha is a small, Vancouver-based kombucha brewery located in Mount Pleasant. They are co-founders of Kombucha Brewers International in Los Angeles, where they reside. Starting with a pot of sweet tea, a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is added to the brew and left alone for a week. commercial Kombucha Brewers around the world. Through yoga, she found a gentle way to keep her body in motion and her mind focused. Kelley received her B.Sc. Matt is currently President of Humm Kombucha where he leads strategy, sales, marketing, operations, finance and HR. In 2014, to further her mission of “changing the world, one gut at a time,” she co-founded KBI with her partner, Alex, who serves as Chairman of the Board and Hannah is President. He is also going to be becoming the Executive Director for ISBT. 4:15pm-5pm Keynote Speaker. She received a BA in Cell Biology & Biochemistry from Rice University and a Master of Science in Nutrition from the University of Houston. A nurse by trade, Corey developed a strong passion for brewing kombucha after seeing how the probiotic tea made a positive impact on the lives of his friends and family members. The PKW and Labrewatory team’s passion for craft beer, booch, cold brew coffee and devotion to entrepreneurs has helped them deliver over 250 brewing systems to startups on 5 continents with an over 97% client business success rate. However, the scientific exploration of this complex naturally fermented beverage is still limited. LaGory is a writer and producer who, with Crum, mentors kombucha homebrewers and serves as a commercial brewing consultant. Currently, Keisha is collecting samples from across North America to identify the bacteria and yeast that live within our commercial breweries. KBI members. He earned a B.S. By closing this message, you are consenting to our use of cookies. brew and left alone for a week. In 2017, Food & Wine named Trout one of the most innovative women in food & drink and in early 2018 Create & Cultivate featured her in its C&C 100 list, celebrating 100 women who are masters of their field. More recently Kyle has moved into the Research & Development department at Boochcraft where he is able to leverage his passion for flavors, cooking and baking in flavor development and process improvement at Boochcraft. 3099067 Kombucha has been brewed in homes for centuries if not Today’s thriving Kombucha industry is showing no signs of slowing down. Kombucha has been brewed in homes for centuries if not To better adapt their products to these consumer demands, brewers are looking to the scientific knowledge about kombucha for answers. Amazed by the incredible digestive benefits she brought her beloved SCOBY back to her home in Toronto, Canada and began making the first kombucha brand in Canada. His research focuses on interactions between the environment, psychology, and the immune system. Vickie Natale is a successful manufacturing engineer who has spent her past 20 years manufacturing products that require regulatory agency approvals and continued compliance. He is passionate about Ancestral Microbiomic Symbiosis, relishing and sharing the knowledge and gifts of human and non-human Ancestors. He is the chair of the Food Defense & Agriculture Security Council for ASIS and is a member CIPAC (Critical Infrastructure Partnership Advisory Council) Food & Agriculture Sector Division. 8950 W Olympic Blvd, Ste 494, beverage delights the senses and the living nutrition Though originally his background is in Law Enforcement and the Military. When she is not working, Barbara enjoys spending time with her kids and husband especially taking family breaks to camp and enjoy homemade smores next to the campfire. He is an Executive BOD member and former president of ISBT (International Society of Beverage Technologist).