Transfer half of the mixture to a baking dish, and sprinkle over half of the grated cheese. I fund it quite filling too although I only made half quantities. Personally there is far too much Cayenne & Paprika which basically killed the taste of anything. ! Add garlic and cook for another minute until fragrant while stirring. I think either of those options would work fine – it might be slightly better to bake it just before serving, as it might dry out a little if you reheat it. Braised Red Cabbage with Apples | Easy Recipe, Apple Crumble Pizza (German Streuseltaler), If not using a high-speed blender, I recommend soaking the cashews in hot water for about 1 hour to soften. Any feedback would be appreciated! It was truly delicious! Es freut mich sehr, dass du begeistert bist! This is so delicious! Thank you. It’s pretty adaptable – just use whatever veggies you have on hand (I do love a good fridge clearer!). Lovely recipe – really nice! Hi! Ooh great idea!! Added shredded carrot also t9 pack in even more veggies! Really like this recipe! Will definitely make this a lot! :) I haven’t but I’m sure as long as you end up with everything being cooked before you assemble, it will bake up fine together! I doubled the batch but still only used half a teaspoon of cayenne and it was WAY to hot for even my spice-loving husband! The original was the first recipe I ever made of yours and the one I have made the most. Thanks!! It’s a fantastic recipe, easy to adapt for what you have in the fridge. Or to speed up the soaking process you could also cook the cashews for 15 minutes. I’m just wondering if I could leave the cheese out as I’m dairy free and hate the taste of dairy free cheeses, Absolutely! Are the red lentils dry measure or precooked before adding them to the ingredients listed for the sauce? :). I always try & do a bit of food prep on a Sunday so this would be useful if I could do this with this recipe. :). You’re responsible for my addiction to halloumi cheese. So it’s the perfect weeknight dinner recipe that you can make after work when having still things to be done in your household. If you have an IP, you can check out that version here: Instant Pot very veggie lentil bake. Now add another layer of lentil sauce, followed by another layer of zucchini slices and another drizzle of cashew sauce. Note: In 2018 I made an Instant Pot version of this recipe! Definitely on the repeat list. Awesome! Will that work? I haven’t tried freezing it, sorry! It’s not exactly an attractive dish, but crispy cheese goes a long way to making anything look enticing. I’m trying to eat less meat where I can and this is a great recipe for the repertoire – thanks for sharing!! Can’t wait to give it a try. I’m always happy when people try my recipe and love it too! I have just cooked this for a colleague and myself to comfort us on a cold night on shift. Ich danke dir für dein Feedback! The classic Lasagna you may know from your childhood or from a restaurant is often not that healthy in my opinion. They’re so good – it’s easy to make them tasty, and they’re reeeally cheap and healthy! I’ve been cooking only vegetarian meals for the past 4 months now and my boyfriend said this was one of the tastiest meals I’ve made so far, and I agree. Would that work? Great for using up ‘sad’ veggies. Thanks for the recipe will try again, maybe switching the cheddar with a different cheese like parmesan :), Yay! I forgot about this recipe, but pulled it out last night when my vegetarian sister came for dinner… and we both marvelled at how much we adore this dish! You guys asked for a super tasty but also healthy veggie Lasagna recipe so here it is! Whatever you put in it, this very veggie lentil bake is a brilliant way to enjoy some of the most simple store cupboard ingredients! Welcome to Easy Cheesy Vegetarian, formerly Amuse Your Bouche! They tweeted me a photo and called it ‘absolutely their favourite dish’ – colour me chuffed! … So glad you loved this recipe! (~ 2 1/2 cups), or 2 stock cubes made up in 650ml water, or 1/2 large courgette, diced fairly small. Will definitely be making this again and will double it up because I’m sure it would be yummy cold too. Once you’ve layered your vegan lasagna, you can put it in your preheated oven and bake for about 30-40 minutes. Filed Under: Lunch & Dinner, Pasta & Gnocchi, Recipes Tagged With: baked, bechamel sauce, cashew, cashew sauce, casserole, cheese, creamy, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, gratin, lasagna, lentils, noodles, pasta, pasta bake, pasta casserole, sauce, savory, tomato, vegan, vegetables, vegetarian, zucchini, Truly amazing! Glad you’ve enjoyed it :D. This was surprisingly tasty!! Here on ECV, you'll find hundreds of easy, straightforward, and (most importantly) delicious vegetarian recipes. Yes, this recipe is baked in the oven! Vielen Dank für das Feedback! Top with zucchini slices, drizzle on 1/3 portion of cashew cream sauce, then place 3-4 lasagna noodles on top. Glad you enjoyed it and managed to make it work for you :). LG, Bianca <3, Einfaches Rezept und wirklich lecker!