I’m unsure of folding. Placing the item directly on the floor will limit the ventilation on the foundation of the mattress that might lead to problems with the mattress later on. They are excellent lightweight, companion and super comfortable. The LUCID 8 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress does not have any strong and disagreeable odor that lots of memory foam goods are reported to own. There are tons of aspects that make the LUCID 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress lasting and durable. That’s a primary reason why so many owners like it. 10 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress. This LUCID 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is comfy and will be the very best amount of distance to us. In the short article below we have included the top 10 leading brands of 2020. Is this mattress fit on a twin trundle bed? It has a thickness measuring 8 inches with 2 inches of it being a comfortable memory foam layer and the remaining 6 inches made up of high density foam. Such foundations include stage foundations, box springs, and slatted bases collectively with slates no more than 4-inches aside from metal grid bases, or elastic bases. This mattress is adjustable on all types of frames such as platform bed, metal frame, wooden frame, bunk beds like standard bunk bed, futon bunk bed, trundle bed, loft bunk bed, murphy bed, etc. Do I need a box spring with this mattress? If you may take advantage of this mattress with appropriate maintenance, it can last over ten years. Can this mattress be used with a metal platform frame? People who weigh more may feel it’s too soft as they sink deeper into the bed and can’t get the support the body needs. I have been working on the mattress industry since last 5 years. The tag says not to take the cover out and to put clean when necessary, therefore I’m gonna adhere to those instructions. Slight odor arrived when originally began. It has everything a great mattress should have, comfort, reliable quality and awesome price. It features a cover nevertheless whenever there’s an injury in the night, it isn’t straightforward to wash. The mattress is guaranteed to continue the whole period of the warranty or be substituted if there are not any supernatural alterations to the material. Strong night rest every night around now. I share my skills and experiences to help people choosing the right mattress that will provide better comfort and back support. I ask her routine is your backbone mother she clarified my backbone feels fantastic. When you make a warranty claim, make sure you have the mattress under a waterproof cover. It’s a really comfortable mattress and that I really don’t have any complaints. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Its principal role is to make sure the mattress retains its regular form whatsoever times. LUCID recommends the metal frame because it gives mattress proper ventilation and avoids mold. His mattress should not have been comfortable. This exceptionally comfy LUCID 8″ Memory Foam Mattress is specially created for your child’s bedroom. Based on my experience and research, LUCID 8-inch memory foam mattress is a better choice for the lightweight or regular size person. Its inch thick rubberized support base creates this item a wonderful option not only for children but for people who are attempting to discover a firm mattress that may efficiently offer you the appropriate and desired back support. “Our child continues to sleep really well on this mattress (just transitioned from toddler bed) Mattress is firm, but even when I lay on it, it’s very supportive and comfortable, without feeling too firm.” – Melissa, “Two guests both gave the mattress 5 stars…best night of sleep in a guest room. Now more and more brands enter low-priced mattress market and you can find several cheaper mattresses than LUCID by 8-inch memory foam mattress. What are the common features of this mattress. This provides exceptional support and complete relaxation. 6″ is totally fine. We left it like a camp out for him. The comfort level of the mattress is uncomparable to other high-quality memory foam mattresses. The things extend when the vinyl has been eliminated… make sure it is the proper thing until it grows! Does the encasement cover the whole mattress? The 8″ depth is perfect for the bottom trundle :-)” – Betty Molnar. Beds have memory foams infused with bamboo, charcoal, aloe vera, and other cooling materials for consistent temperature neutrality. In addition, all those foams and mattresses created by Lucid is only made from CertiPUR-US licensed materials to ensure their products were analyzed and approved for the safety of these materials used, their physiological operation, along with the environmental stewardship.