Again, much like an egg. The lychee is typically a light red or rosy pink color and a little smaller in size than the rambutan. Rambutan and lychee are different fruits, so you probably don’t want to get them mixed up. Both fruits have high vitamin C content per 100 gram serving. Both of these fruits are perfectly edible fresh off the tree. The most immediate difference between rambutan and lychee would be their shells. The trees on which they are grown do not reach nearly as tall as the ones lychee stem from, growing to only about 10-20 feet in height. But, perhaps, the nutrient that makes lychee stand apart is the polyphenol, oligonol. Canned lychees are readily available. The canning syrup that surrounds the canned fruit- lychee, rambutan etc. Rambutan’s exterior is red with long hairs or spines all over, while lychee’s shell is a lighter red or pink with small scaly bumps. Your email address will not be published. What’s the difference between rambutan and lychee? While some people claim to eat them and be fine, even roasting them like pumpkin seeds, there hasn’t been sufficient scientific evidence showing that the seeds don’t have any long-term side-effects. is so sweet that i used to toss it. For someone who has just learned about their existence, it may be a little difficult to tell the difference between a rambutan and a lychee, or even to understand they actually are edible. Any questions? The benefits of lychee are numerous, which isn’t surprising coming from a fruit whose name means “gift for loyal life.” Lychee is rich in dietary fiber, helping you to keep your digestion running smoothly and efficiently. We're happy to help. And if you have a lychee or rambutan that has a clingstone, you can eat the flesh around the seed, making sure not to eat the seed itself. I’m sure you can see why. Rambutan has slightly more fiber than lychee, probably on account of being larger. Cool, eh? As I’ve said before, the seeds of both fruits are slightly toxic, and should not be eaten. To be honest, this is my new favorite type of tree family, entirely because of “soapnuts” being a thing. Luckily, we’re here to spell out those differences for you, starting with the most popular…lychee! They may be from different parts of Asia, but they were popular enough to eventually be cultivated in other tropical parts of the world and shipped all over. Rambutan tree is usually 12-15m (470-590 inch) high with oval single-leaf and reddish-colored tops. Just be sure to steer clear of the large seed inside of both, as it is toxic if consumed. Your email address will not be published. Once peeled, rambutan’s and lychee’s flesh look really similar, but they taste different from each other. This exotic fruit originated in China, but is now cultivated in almost all countries located in Southeast Asia. Hi, my name is Philipp and I’m a juicing addict! From a nutritional standpoint, lychee is a slightly healthier choice, boasting fewer calories, greater benefits, as well as the superstar ingredient, oligonol,. A freestone seed means that the seed can kind off fall right out of the flesh, like I do in the morning when I try to get out of my bed. Email:, join It has a red outer skin as well but the skin is rough. But despite their similarities, these fruits are quite different in terms of taste and nutritional profiles. You can recognize lychee by their trademark reddish-orange skin color, plus the fact that it is bumpy in texture. menu While both have white flesh inside, rambutan tastes sweet and creamy, and lychee has a sweet and tart taste similar to a red grape. Knowing these things may help you to discern their individuality at a glance. As far as fruits are concerned, these guys aren’t so bad. While both have white flesh inside, rambutan tastes sweet and creamy, and lychee has a sweet and tart taste similar to a red grape. Perhaps one day you walked past some strange, creepy-looking things on your grocery run and wondered just what kind of creature you stumbled upon. Lychee and rambutan are both sweet tasting, tropical fruits that look strikingly similar. After popping the fleshy bit out, you need to remove the seed. It’s really quite stunning to behold. This wonder fruit doesn’t just work wonder for your digestion, it also helps keep your bones in tip-top shape, all thanks to its abundance of phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and copper. about If your lychee or rambutan has a freestone, you can just pop the seed right out after cutting a slit into the flesh. Before you get to eating these sweet fruits, you have to know how to open them. Message document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a409a91b0d450f4b68bb7544c1cc4d55" );document.getElementById("j567ff91fe").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The best part though is that it’s covered in long, green or red hairs or spines. Speaking of eggs, the rambutan and lychee both have a soft, white, and watery flesh nugget on the inside of their weird shells. But it turned out that it wasn’t an alien creature at all; it was clearly labeled as a “fruit”, somehow. The lychee flesh is very similar to the rambutan in regards to texture but the taste is not as rich or creamy. They are weirdly fun to hold, and I have spent entirely too long fondling these in the store.