I've being testing highly polished aluminum (CoilZak) and it works very well for visible and IR, but not as well as I hoped for UV. The appearance is that of a mirror. Polished metals, for example, have low emissivity and high reflectivity in both the visible and infrared. It was at this point that we were given a micro spectrophotometer from Olympus to utilize and learn about for a week. We measured the reflectance of a highly polished aluminum blank. NickE, thanks for the quick reply! Alloy 1050 1060 Customized Color Aluminium Sheet Roll PE Coating For Artware Products. Customized Thickness Aluminum Sheet Roll With Mirror Surface For Interior Mosaic Panel. The sample is 6061 aluminum polished with diamond lapping compound, the finest being grade 9, for which the particle size is 8-12µm. The reflectance is 95%. This orientation allows the resistor as well as its reflected image to be photographed in a single picture. both turned and polished aluminum with the goal of identifying the forces involved with this specific type of mass finishing operation. Coating thickness: 4-8 micron (μ) Max width: 40mm ~ 1300mm. Gold, however, absorbs the blue and violet regions of the spectrum, leading to a yellow color when illuminated with white light. Length: customized meter with roll way. For the special reflectivity performance of visible light greater than 80% and infrared reflectance greater than 80%, aluminium mirror sheet is widely used in the reflector of lighting, and in places requiring heat insulation and preservation … Surface: polished shiny mirror. Material Reflection Factor (%) Aluminum coatings, matt: 55 - 56: Aluminum, anodised, matt: … Anomet's dedicated staff is available to help you make informed decisions on the best surface selections. This essential process develops an ASTM approved, consistent single layer surface with a maximum Total Reflectivity of 87%. T9&˜¹Pjñº}Ñç†D[²-à.ÀæsŒê�µiiìıÙ¼ÙV ÄÀK.F!i±Ÿ‹¯‡¢+k'Õ’ˆË°À™—aÊ°Hêå숊™&�à�ğ¨phï!àF§ËÄp+ô“‡0Ftd‹€€š8æûv_û²÷ÇşP4[=|î[(%�Ş. Reflectivity is the square of the magnitude of the Fresnel reflection coefficient, ... For specular surfaces, such as glass or polished metal, reflectance is nearly zero at all angles except at the appropriate reflected angle; that is the same angle with respect to the surface normal in the plane of incidence, but on the opposing side. Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is the technique yielding the best reflectivity, usually higher than 90%,,. The emissive and reflective behavior of most materials is similar in the visible and infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The diamond-polished aluminum blank was hot-glued to the angled surface beneath the resistor. Silver, for instance, has high reflectivity over the visible range of the spectrum, which makes it colorless when white light is focused on the metal. A similar polishing process will be used on a thermal reflector of the Spartan IR Camera. Description . Reflective rate: over 95% . If the Aluminium object you are reflecting your laser off is dull, or has a non uniform surface, then the specular reflectivity will be lower, possibly much lower, than the values I have calculated. High Reflectivity Polished Aluminum Coil , Flat Rolled Aluminum Brown Mirror Surface . Aluminium reflective sheet are used as the refelctor for lighting industry, the alloy are 1060, 1100 and 3003, the thickness is 0.07mm-1.50mm, the width is 30mm-1250mm. The distance from the top face of the blank to the r esistor was approximately 12mm. It consists in vaporizing aluminum under a low pressure atmosphere before depositing it as a thin film on an optically polished surface. A polished aluminum surface with emissivity = 0.12 has reflectivity = 0.88. In an Enhanced Aluminum coating, a multi-layer film of dielectrics on top of aluminum is used to increase the reflectance in the visible or ultraviolet regions. Color: silver color, customized color. The polished oxide surface ensures lifelong durability, and promotes smooth and consistent end-use application. The distance between the camera and resistor is 948 mm. Roll Weight: appro.1000kgs/roll . RE: UVC Reflector Material or Coating ddeck (Mechanical) (OP) 4 May 06 13:28. Aluminum thickness: 0.14mm-0.80mm. IF the backing for this reflector is Al, remember that polished Al has a very high reflectivity for both IR visible, and I think UV. This blog post is about the “specular” reflectivity of aluminium, i.e when polished to a smooth, bright, uniform mirror surface. High Reflectivity Polished Aluminum Coil , Flat Rolled Aluminum Silver Mirror Surface. This coating is ideal for applications requiring increased reflectance from 400 – 650nm while the UV and DUV Enhanced Aluminum coatings yield increased reflectance from 120 – 400nm range.