You would need pliers, wrench, screwdrivers to take the guitar apart. Fender Classic Series 60s Stratocaster Loaded Body Fiesta Red Nitro Strat Relic Then wipe excess shavings off the pickguard using the wipes and paper towel. All our Stratocaster replacement bodies are manufactured in the USA by Warmoth. A lot of people earn a living from designing these custom instruments and would not like to make their techniques go public. How to Lower the Action on an Acoustic Guitar. ***PLEASE ALLOW 16 WEEKS TO CREATE CUSTOM BODIES We are proud to now offer a service to custom create that perfect relic body the way you want it. We are proud to now offer a service to custom create that perfect relic body the way you want it. A low output pickup gives you a more detailed sound, making it possible to feel every note. This enables you to relax and sample different playing styles with confidence. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Giving your guitar a relic job doesn’t necessarily imply that you are trying to mislead people into thinking that your instrument was one formerly played by a famous guitarist. These relics are difficult to come by these days. Detailed information on how to relic a Stratocaster is not readily easy to come by. The sellers tend to make more money from selling the parts separately than the whole guitar in one piece. Use the wipes and paper towels to clean powder off the sanded parts until it appears the way you want. It adds the right amount of glint to the old surface. Due to an increase in demand for quality vintage guitars, they are becoming very expensive. Getting it done correctly requires passion, patience and a bit of skill. Why Should You Use an Acoustic Guitar Capo Instead of Manually Tuning the Guitar Strings? A new Strat has a very attractive finish and making a relic out of it would require that you dismantle the instrument piece by piece. The contouring of the edges and pockets in the NGS body give it that extra mojo as contours contain, circulate or release intonation. You’d mostly find individual parts of age-old guitars like the neck, nuts or pickups. Crosley CR249 – Radio Keepsake USB Turntable Review, Best Electric Guitar Strings for Blues (2020 Reviews). This had the perfect relic job from the Custom Shop, very realistic with various dings, nicks and finish checking. It is important to note that after the relic job, there’s no going back. Fantastic Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop Olympic White'69 Relic body made in 2001. Polishing after assembling the guitar improves the appearance of the worn finish. If you are looking for something specific, send us your photos for inspiration. You feel liberated after the job is done. A Strat that has had a good relic job is captivating. An original relic Stratocaster from the 1960s with its exquisite time-worn finish would cost a fortune. Also, note that the mortgage value of the instrument will drop after making a relic out of it. However, some guitarists…, If you want to get an acoustic guitar pickup for your instrument, you need to look for the right one…, The acoustic guitar is known as one of the instruments used by many people, because of its special sound and…, Distressing the Pickguard and Metal Parts. Internal surfaces are checked for sound trapping and dead spots removed. There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes with making a relic out of your new guitar. Mostly around the neck, the control buttons, pickup, areas where your arm rests while playing or the back that gets scuff marks from rubbing against your belt buckle. The abrasion appears natural with several parts looking worn from being played for several decades. Most guitarists dream of owning a real vintage guitar. MEDIUM – Bumps, bruises, and some wear through to primer / wood, MILD – Minor bumps and bruises, WILD – Think SRV #1, Clapton Blackie, Gallagher Strat, 2-Color Sunburst, 3-Color Sunburst, Black, Blonde, Burgundy Mist Metallic, Butterscotch, Butterscotch Blonde, Coppertone Metallic, Dakota Red, Daphne Blue, Fiesta Red, Ice Blue Metallic, Lake Placid Blue, Mary Kay White, Ocean Turquoise Metallic, Olympic White, Seafoam Green, Shell Pink, Shoreline Gold, Sonic Blue, Surf Green. Another option for vintage guitar enthusiasts that cannot afford is to create a historically accurate replica of their favourite instrument. Smear etchant on some parts of the metal surface and allow for a few minutes until u get the worn look that you desire.