While the unrest began last Monday in Minneapolis, triggered by the death of a black security guard, George Floyd, who died after a white police officer was filmed kneeling on his neck for seven minutes, protests and riots have since spread across the country, fueled by longstanding racial and class tensions as much as outrage over police brutality. A Texas journalist called around to local government and found that the city of Dallas was claiming ownership of the bricks, thus triggering a whole new round of speculation – smoking gun, or official incompetence? He is an original member of the Breitbart Texas team. We were told for months we’d never gather in public again ‘because Covid-19.’ Where do the week's riots leave ‘social distancing'? Confirmed Tornado Touchdown in Arlington Texas Tuesday Night, Multiple Tornado Warnings, Severe Weather Damage Hits North Texas, Tarrant County Sends Out Blast Urging Citizens To Stay Home During Rapid Rise In COVID-19 Cases, 2 Shot At Plano Apartment Complex, Suspect Arrested, 'This Is The Worst Thanksgiving Of My Life': Arlington Mechanic Watches Shop Crumble During Tornado, Dallas Cowboys Strength And Conditioning Coordinator Markus Paul Passes Away At 54, 1-Year-Old Girl Dies After Accidentally Being Shot In Head In Kaufman County; No Adults Home, VIDEO: Man Walks Off With Dallas Homeowner's Front Porch Furniture, Texas State Defensive Back Khambrail Winters Killed During Drug Deal, 2 Charged With Capital Murder, Treasure Hunt: Dallas Record Store Owners Sift Through Million-Piece Collection In Search Of Valuable Items. Early in the afternoon, protesters could be seen marching through Downtown Dallas with signs in hand and outspoken residents after the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and other police-related deaths involving black residents. Owned by? The agency’s actions in late May drew widespread scrutiny, as police used chemical deterrents and rubber bullets to disperse gatherings. The summer’s demonstrations in Austin were propelled by the April death of Mike Ramos, an unarmed Black and Hispanic man who was fatally shot by police as he drove away from officers. One man lost an eye after he was hit with a nonlethal projectile. Later in the evening, a crowd of protesters went onto Woodall Rogers Freeway near Routh Street, according to police. Looters ransacked a boutique owned by a black woman during protests-turned-riots in Dallas following the death of George Floyd, according to a report Monday. Experts note that due to the high percentage of mail-in ballots this election, it’s likely that there won’t be a clear winner on election night. We will not tolerate tearing up our communities…” Hall said Saturday. They will be charged with inciting a riot. The Dallas Observer publishes daily news and analysis on politics, business, social justice, sports, crime, education and the environment. Another “researcher” has even claimed to have uncovered a connection between the bricks sprouting from sidewalks in Frisco, Texas and Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates. In Portland this July, federal agents in unmarked vans grabbed protesters from the streets. Thousands Line Up For North Texas Food Bank's ... As of 10:45 p.m., there have been at least 74 arrests made and those arrested will be charged with inciting a riot, police said. pic.twitter.com/ABBCyHPLAy. During an interview with Fox News last month, Trump threatened to quash riots on election night should he win reelection and people take to the streets. Other images appeared to show police vehicles maneuvering the bricks into place. Bob Price serves as associate editor and senior news contributor for the Breitbart Texas-Border team. Police tweeted just after 9 p.m. that a cigar and donut shop near Elm and Lamar streets had been looted.