Client requirements a. c. New application development projects Risk management b. 9 0 obj 25) Find out which phase is not available in SDLC? d. Unit testing. Process applied Structure and behavioral a. a. c. Iterative model c. People, product, performance, project c. Behavioural elements Software is developed or engineered; it is not manufactured in the classical sense. d. None of the above. 22) Give the name to diagram that represents the flow of activities described by the use cases and at the same time the captors are involved in UML . Prioritize testing in an attempt to find critical defects as early as possible. a. Architectural designs Acceptance Phase. c. Check-Box c. Line length and wrapping a. c. Both A & B Risk avoidance Naming conventions 9) Which includes modifications and updations done in order to correct or fix the problems, that are either discovered by user or concluded by user error reports? d. All mentioned above. 25) Match the List 1 to List 2 and choose the correct option. a. Beta Testing 10) Which coupling is also known as “Global coupling”? c. A legacy system always devolved by advance technology. endobj Practitioners Requirement Elicitation ——- a. Module Development and integration. c. Integration testing d. None of the above. a. W3HH principle Software doesn’t “ wear out ”. >> b. b. Recursion c. Modifiable b. c. Changes are managed poorly. c. GUI design & implementation Big Bang model b. Functional view Integration testing a. 1,2 and 3 The use of a variable before it has been defined. d. Testing. b. What will be your first step in project planning? ANSWER: Statement 2 and 3 and 4 are correct. c. Programs + hardware manuals Reducing quality /Type /Annot Customers c. Code quality Facilitated Application Software Technique. Testing. b. c. Performance management a. c. Both A & B c. Corrective 22) Which coding element is generally omitted at the end of line? Statement 1 and 2 are correct. d. None of the above. Software Requirement Specification a. Support classes A) Information about the application domain for the software to be built; d. End users. d. System Analysis. d. All mentioned above. Stamp coupling b. a. 311) Which box specifies the behavior of a system or a part of a system? a. Functional Requirement. Respected Sir i want mcqz of Software Engineering….so please send me multiple question,….i am from Balochistan. INCOMPLETE c. Categorize Copyright 2020 , Engineering Interview, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Objective Questions with Answers, 300+ [UPDATED] Software Engineering MCQs Pdf. Object Software requirement validation d. None of the above. b. Unit testing 1-c , 2-a , 3-d , 4-b 11) The objective for formal technical review is to core errors in software work products. a. Adaptive maintenance c. Statement 2 and 3 and 4 are correct. 20) Which software is used to control products and systems for the consumer and industrial markets? 3 0 obj a. The best project team organizational model to use when handling extremely complex problems is ________ . b. a. d. All mentioned above. %PDF-1.4 WHO principle Compatibility a. Quality management /PCSp 4 0 R 36) Which defect amplification model is used to illustrate the generation and detection of errors during the preliminary steps of a software engineering process? Which of the following is not defined in a good Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document? Requirement gathering Computer Aided Software Engineering Which is not a step of Requirement Engineering? Box Structure Specification Smaller components are easier to maintain 4) In Risk management process what makes a note of all possible risks, that may occur in the project? c. Quality management d. Software Model Index. d. None of the above. d. Transformers. c. Data coupling c. User 17. c. Prototyping 25) If the objects focus on the problem domain, then we are concerned with ______. If every requirement stated in the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) has only one interpretation, SRS is said to be correct _____ . c. Measurement b. d. Both A and B a. Communication, risk management, measurement, production, deployment. c. Stress Testing c. Both A & B d. Closed paradigm. b. 4) In the Empirical Estimation Technique which model is developed by Barry W. Boehm? The standard age of any software is considered up to 10 to 15 years. Every project may not have a unique and distinct goal. b. Application level b. d. Recent Application Development. x��]K��6����9��)5%`���xf�`A{����xs��_��[�'�+�I�z�6l l�H��&��_����W���ß�����a�ޙ"��$��7�U���I���=��u�-��{�{_��P;}�c��k���)��3���_�g��~MO/�/����C�Gx�o�I�u�. a. System Analysis b. b. Spiral model 1. 23) You are working in CareerRide as a project manager. endobj a. Feasibility study Software design. Computer Aided Software Engineering 6) The process togather the software requirements from Client, Analyze and Document is known as ______ . 15) Which Variation control in the context of software engineering involves controlling variation? c. Polymorphism iii. State box a. c. Diagram tools Which is the most important feature of spiral model? 1-c , 2-a , 3-b , 4-d 45) Effective software project management focuses on the four P’s. endobj 2) Which level of sub-system is used of an application? b. Design quality Instructions b. Process If every requirement can be checked by a cost-effective process, then the SRS is _________ . Host modifications a. As technology advances, it becomes costly to maintain old software. b. Monitor d. Structured Requirements Diagram, ANSWER: Structured Requirements Definition. d. None of the above. a. a. d. Pages of documentation per KLOC. b. Heuristic Estimation Technique. CAME tools /Font << b. /S /URI b. d. None of the above. Big Bang model a. Make the assumption the other person doesn’t know any specialized vocabulary or industry-specific challenges. 5. c. Product quality attributes 11) Configuration management is an essential part of the system maintenance. a. c. Feasibility study c. composed_of relationship User interface design 38) Which factors affect the probable consequences if a risk occur? b. 14) Which design defines the logical structure of each module and their interfaces that is used to communicate with other modules? 1) Which document is created by system analyst after the requirements are collected from Various stakeholders? Preventive maintenance is called ______ . c. Project estimation d. None of the above. b. /F7 7 0 R 12. b. 49) State if the following are true for Project Management. Business risk b. a. Company wants to develop a project. d. All of the above. c. Integration testing Application enhancement projects d. Requirements documentation, a. Functional Application Specification Technique 7) Refinement is actually a process of elaboration. c. Team Plan The publishing subsystem c. Testing. a. Iterative Development Consistent High-level design 32) The model in which the requirements are implemented by its category is ______ . b. b. d. Technical reviews, ANSWER: Software configuration management. << 317) Reliability is measured by considering processing speed, response time, resource consumption, throughput, and efficiency. Predictable risks d. Capability Model Maturity Instructions, ANSWER: Capability Maturity Model Integration. Software Requirements Definition a. B) Specific requirements model elements such as data flow diagrams or analysis classes, their relationships and collaborations for the problem at hand; b. Data Structures d. Incremental Development. iv. d. Software size estimation. Design——————————b. c. Track progress d. Unit testing. d. Pure functions. c. Requirements design a. a. 21) Which software enables the program to adequately manipulate information? 40) Organization can have in-house inspection, direct involvement of users and release of beta version are few of them and it also includes usability, compatibility, user acceptance etc. ANSWER: Algorithm for software implementation. a. 314) SDLC Models are adopted as per requirements of development process. a. /XObject << 1 0 obj c. Detailed design b. Defect removal efficiency c. Button ii. >> c. CAQE tools Only Statement 2 and 3 are correct. d. Quantitatively Managed. /Length 12 0 R In which category software works strictly according to defined specifications and solutions. a. b. 24) Which model is also called as the classic life cycle or the Waterfall model? c. Detailed design Logical cohesion c. Object-Oriented c. Dependence on external environment a. c. SPICE (ISO/IEC15504) c. Coding a. The level at which the software uses scarce resources is ______ .