If you have a wall unit over a sink then there should be a minimum of 600mm splashback height between the top of the sink and the bottom of the wall unit. Throughout the kitchen, there should only be +/- 3mm variation in thickness between all of your bench surfaces, unless you're using natural products which involve some natural variation. Most manufacturers recommend a minimum height of 700mm to 750mm. Follow the link to learn more about Australian kitchen standards and how they play an important role in the kitchen industry. The standard tall cabinet depth is 600mm. But this standard bench height is somewhat too high for us. Of course, if everyone using the shower is very tall you may consider going higher, but as a basic point, the height of your shower bench probably won’t differ a whole lot from the height of an outdoor bench. Thanks for sharing. There should be 280mm minimum clear space from the back of the cupboard. Our builder has asked us what height we want the back to be. The standard under bench oven size is 600mm wide x 600mm high. Very informative article. Go for functionality over comfort, unless  you’re going to be sitting on it. As a rough consideration, look at keeping the bench about 12 inches lower than the table. We’ll give you a quick answer below, and also include tips from pros about what they do. If so, and there’s room to do so, you may want to make it a little larger to allow it to be a sort of “surface”. What height should it really be? A child who is properly secured in an approved child car seat is less likely to be injured or killed in a car crash than one who is not. Taller or shorter families are likely to benefit from having a raised or lowered benchtop. Somebody essentially assists to make seriously posts I would state. See Fig 5. Metro seats and benches have a clean, modern look, and offer quality and affordability: the style of street furniture Australia needs. Standard dimensions for stock or DIY wall cabinets are 720mm high by 300mm deep (without the door). The Tasks on your bench. As for the surface level, acceptable variations are normally 3mm over a distance of 2 metres. Appliances such as dishwashers will end up having a large gap between itself and the benchtop. The benchtop edge overhang is 20mm from the front face (door / drawer) of the floor cabinet. If you’ll be using cushions on the bench, allow for roughly an inch or so of room so that when people sit on the cushions and they compress, that inch of compressed cushion is accounted for and their knees aren’t bumping the underside of the table. Online Construction Courses- Learn From Pros! These are nominal dimensions (i.e not exact but very close to) as different appliance manufacturers have varying standards. What’s the standard bench height for a deck? Here’s a summary of standards others are using in their building, for depth and height. | Construct-Ed. The standard floor cabinet depth is 580mm inclusive of door thickness. Standard sizes of kitchen appliances such as free standing ovens or ranges (be they gas or electric) come in five standard widths. Width (or Depth): About 12″-15″, or about three deck boards wide depending on the depth you’re hoping to achieve. (See Fig 1), The recommended standard kitchen benchtop height is 900mm (+/- 20mm). However, the working bench height can be within the range of 850mm to 1050mm. If a double door cabinet is 900mm in width, then the door width will be 447mm ((900-6mm)/2). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The standard kickboard height is 150mm. Approved rear facing child car seat. Of course the thickness of the benchtop will vary as it is dependent on the type of material used. This is the distance between the finished floor and the top of the benchtop. 4). Did we miss anything? (See Fig 5). Make sure your bench is the right size for your needs. What’s the standard bench height for a table? Height: between 16″ (on the short side) and 18″ (on the high side). The minimum height of the rangehood above a gas hob is 650mm. As for the floor cabinets, wall cabinet widths generally increase by 100mm or 150mm increments (See Fig. The minimum splashback height is 450mm. The standard floor cabinet height is 720mm (+1/-4mm). Basically, decide whether you want the bench to be set a bit higher than a normal bench (say, the one on your deck), or if you want it to be about the same, or lower. Is your existing benchtop height in your kitchen too low? Now obviously these heights are just averages or “standards”: they’re what others have used in their bench construction, so while they may be the average bench height used by a lot of people, ultimately the height of your bench is going to have to be determined by your goals.