I hired Mihai a London (UK) based tasker to come put up a curtain pole on August 12 at 8 am . If this happens again, you may also reach out to our support team by phone, email, or chat with any additional questions or assistance. I set the price I could pay and they agreed. If you'd like further assistance, please reach out to us again at help.tr.co. 1. When the services have already been provided, they sent me bill twice bigger than we agreed before. I tried to call them, but the phone was already switched off. Good service. They stole my money and there is no way to... Nov 2016: While some rabbits did OK jobs, I had several rabbits who arrived late to tasks which they signed up for and caused extreme inconveniences. I have exchanged a number of emails with TAskRabbit about this issue (eg one ticket is numbered #1409575). Please fix this. The person who came was asking me how to assemble the product and complaining because the product has drawers. I wasted weekends/work meetings moved for workers who said they’d come and just cancelled after hours.Its an awful way for them to get away with alot of unprofessional conduct and leave people in the lurch. We know this wastes time and causes an inconvenience. What is going on? When choosing 'IKEA funiture' as the task we were assigned a Tasker, who was inexperienced in building IKEA furniture. I tried to call but there was no answer. We expect our Taskers to provide high-quality service. As my card had expired, I was required to submit a new card. Task Rabbit itself seemed really easy, we were allocated two people, one of which didn’t turn up on the day at the time they were supposed to turn up. Prompt. The "system" decided that two people were needed but, having notified me who would be involved, there was evidently no communication link between them, relying on me to be the "go between"; both confusing and onerous.I would have expected the "agent" (TaskRabbit) to co-ordinate their involvement. I had a great tasker who I couldn't fault, however there was a problem with how the job was priced and he had real problems getting any clarification from both IKEA and TaskRabbit. I was charged non the less and would like my money back. Refunded me £72 pound with no apology. My problem is that I haven't received the money yet and this question is for the TaskRabbit. Silvia Can’t fault them, absolutely amazing! Im a single mom and was desperate for help with my work. We strive to deliver exceptional service. Via the IKEA website I booked to have TaskRabbit assemble a new bedframe with drawers and dresser. Share. After a task has been invoiced by the Tasker, you can leave a rating and review of your Tasker in the TaskRabbit app or your online dashboard. So mine was charged as well. I needed some help but had no idea who to ask for help. I was there the entire time waiting for the person. He finally arrived 6 hours later and called me. Thanks, the guy you sent round, Bogdan, was amazing - had 4 things put together in less that 3 hours, very good about mask wearing and social distancing, and was polite, efficient and friendly. Completely recommend this service. Service was done promptly on time and saved me hours of agony. Would highly recommend, We’re deeply sorry your Taskers didn’t show — that's never ok! He was supposed to be here at 9 am but he did not show up. It seems to me that I have to leave the same complaint everywhere on the internet. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. Excellent service and a really professional job done assembling a bed and Chester drawers . I ordered some flat pack furniture from Ikea and was given the option to use TaskRabbit. Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime, if they had the energy for it. What Is TaskRabbit? All rights reserved. Besides the fact that most of the work has been not done, the bed was ruined as you can see from the picture. All rights reserved. The construction was fast and efficient.I could not fault it.The process was very disjointed. Hi Maria, thanks for sharing your feedback. It's been weeks since I heard from TaskRabbit so today when I went to check, I clicked on the last ticket, I was surprised to find it said Page Not Found. Thanks, This Tasker claimed be skilled in fixing a small leak in the shower. Avoid at all costs. You've already flagged this I had a bed badly assembled some time ago - I did get an apology but the bed is still here badly assembled, and it’s me who is paying the price every day for their incompetence by not being able to use my bed properly. The result: Bed frame breaks every time I open the drawers. We spent 2 days waiting to be matched with a tasker, often being told by people that they don't have the skills to do it or don't have the tools. We're sorry that was not your experience. I refused to pay him and refused to accept any help. He was unable to complete the task and claimed it was impossible in the size of the room. I will use them again in the near future. The drawers do not fit and they are broken Scratches everywhere. My partner and I used Taskrabbit for the floating entertainment centre we bought from Ikea. Excellent job done really pleased with final product. Ryan kept in touch and arrived on time and never seen self assembly done so quickly and professionally .Ryan was brilliant .Definitely use this service again. Luckily for us, the person that did turn up was amazing and managed to do the whole wardrobe by themselves. It was real waste of money and time. from 25 reviews Review It . He was so incompetent. I was last advised that the matter was being looked into and a senior manager would be in touch shortly. Couldn't have asked for more helpfulness, Bryan Was excellent and I am delighted with installation of besta units via taskrabbit . It was a job well done. TaskRabbit is very easy to use and it gives you option to pick someone you want to hire. It's a weird service I don't recommend you to deal with. Task ended up not completed according to the request but I was still charged with the expense.