The good: Extensive test patterns, lots of tutorials. I use it while testing every TV and Blu-ray player I review. The bottom line: If you already have, or are going to buy, a THX Certified disc, the THX Optimizer has the basic patterns to get your TV set at least better than stock. The Dish Blackouts: The Customers Speak Out! Click Amazon: Roku Streaming Stick: Just $30! Note the fine gradations between steps, allowing for precise adjustment. A pattern to set contrast on the Spears and Munsil High-Definition Benchmark. Note! (3rd Edition) We have moved to electronic instructions and we are in the process of updating the current articles. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. This is … Please include your first name and hometown in your message. Check out our new sister site, Most TVs or Blu-ray players will create small jagged edges (jaggies) as the bar nears horizontal. A pattern to check contrast and brightness from DVE: HD Basics. Please buy it using this link. Contrast (not Contrast Ratio, which is not … © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. This has been replaced by the Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark 2nd Edition, which we've reviewed. The good: Excellent tutorials teach the basics better than any other disc. Advertisement. More than that, it teaches more advanced subjects like deinterlacing, 24p, and more. This is one of the Disney WOW disc's patterns to help you set contrast. We continue to evaluate filter material. Setup discs help you ensure that you're getting the best performance from your TV. Past calibration discs for High-Definition TV, such as the Disney WOW disc, feature displays of people and common day objects with easy-to-understand, on-screen instructions on how to adjust your picture settings to get the perfect image. If you're just looking to make sure your TV isn't horribly mis-set, the Optimizer will likely do what you need. Here you can see DVE's most user-friendly feature: the menu overlays over the pattern so you can quickly navigate to another pattern. Screenshot: Geoffrey Morrison - Pattern: Spears and Munsil. Adjust the Contrast for Pure, Bright White. Find the Best Picture Mode. I read about this new 4K calibration disc from Spears and Munsil. A handful of patterns will get you through the basics of setup quickly. Have a question about TV technology? Though many of... Getting ready. The bottom line: The Spears and Munsil Blu-ray is an advanced tool for evaluating many aspects of a television's performance. There are many terms at play when discussing picture quality and its various aspects. The color. The simple main menu of the Spears and Munsil High-Definition Benchmark. The disc’s makers promise it will help both professionals and amateurs calibrate the settings on their 4K TVs so they will deliver the best picture possible. (Available here at Amazon.). To make matters worse, the disc is not accompanied by any paper guide on how to use it. However, trust me on this, the disc is not for amateurs, unless those amateurs are highly skilled in the practice of calibrating televisions. Each picture mode has different default settings, and some of them behave differently from one another, even if you try and match the settings across modes. Send it to The TV Answer Man at Stacey Spears and Don Munsil created the ultimate disc for TV reviewers, and were nice enough to share it with everyone. That said, its got just about everything most people would need. It's purrrrdy. LG OLED TV: What's the Best Picture Settings? Should I get this? Need to buy something today? Click Amazon: Roku Streaming Stick: Just $30! Enter your email address and get simple solutions to today's toughest TV tech problems! This is true for any setup disc. As far as basic setup goes, using a DVD should be fine, especially when played through a Blu-ray player. I can’t figure out if I am setting it right. Screenshot: Geoffrey Morrison - Test Clip: Spears and Munsil. Spears and Munsil It's not as user-friendly or as slick as Disney's WOW, and real beginners could get overwhelmed. Beginner to expert, there's one for every skill level. Q. I am constantly struggling to get the right picture on my 4K TV. The first PDF is due by the end of July with the more comprehensive manual by end of summer. Screenshot: Geoffrey Morrison - Content: Disney. The TV Answer Man is veteran journalist Phillip Swann who has covered the TV technology scene for more than two decades. Many setup discs came out during the DVD era, like Avia, the Monster/ISF Calibration Wizard, and so on. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The main menu of Disney's WOW: World of Wonder Blu-ray. Disney went all out with its foray into the setup disc world. There's a similarly designed pattern to set brightness. Many of these are still available. The bottom line: There's a lot here to keep the average TV enthusiast busy for hours. The better the video processor, the more the ropes will be diagonal lines without jaggies. (Direct link to Optimizer titles). You don't have to take my word for it: Must-have Blu-ray TV setup discs--OK, admittedly this is taking my word for it, as I talk about some of the discs here with more words but fewer pictures. The bad: Not as easy to navigate or understand as the Disney disc. Send it to the TV Answer Man at, Spears & Munsil 4K Calibration Disc: Not For Amateurs, DIRECTV Could Lose 60 Local Stations Monday. If your TV has different picture memories for different resolutions (or inputs), you'll need to be careful to make sure the settings you choose when using your setup disc apply to the other inputs/resolutions. While it's possible to get the picture settings close just by using your eye, the better option is a Blu-ray setup disc. A trained calibrator (from the Imaging Science Foundation, for example) can calibrate your TV's color temperature, make sure every setting and connection is correct, and ensure that your TV is performing the best it can. “We believe this disc completely changes the game for test and evaluation discs, by making use of all of the features and range that HDR and wide-gamut standards can offer,” the Spears & Munsil press release says. Each source will likely need slightly different settings, but they should be close. We are also working on a more in-depth manual that will provide information on the various patterns. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. This is the infamous rotating bar pattern that tests video processing, as seen on the Spears and Munsil High-Definition Benchmark. (Available here at Amazon.) In addition to clever and exacting test patterns, there's a whole suite of deinterlacing and scaling tests that are second to none. The pattern in the background here tests for per-pixel resolution. Considering that 4K is still too complicated for most people, it’s sorely needed. The brightness. On the Spears & Munsil 4k disc, I believe they are in the process of preparing a written instruction manual. Basically, unless you have a degree in engineering, you’re lost. Waiting for a disc has been long time coming. This is an HD video of a sailing ship. Disney The real issue for me is that the disc does not come with a blue filter because they say that there is not one shade of blue or material that will work with all TVs. Screenshot: Geoffrey Morrison - Pattern: Disney. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Dish Could Lose 164 Local Stations Next Week, Comcast to Drop Local Stations In 38 Markets, Roku: Showtime & Starz For 99 Cents a Month. “Unlike previous editions, we did not include pop-up help or a manual with the UHD HDR Benchmark. A screenshot from one of the tutorials on the Disney WOW disc. To get the ultimate in performance out of your TV, you'll want to check out getting it calibrated by a professional. If you've never adjusted the settings on your TV, it's a good bet it's not performing as well as it could.