MSDS Sheets Here. I have 1 tube and a small 8 color half pan set from Sennelier. probably a private label jobby? Color Charts with Colour Index names are on their website. Makers of heat set oil paints, exclusive permanent oil paints that stay open (workable, blend-able) until set with heat. A Japanese company established in 1946. Random note that doesn't answer your question - I did the exact same thing. Maybe it is an American thing but I'm used to using tubes and just dab out small drops of whatever color I need on my palette and squeeze out larger portions of the primaries/ most used. href=hyperlink.href; Most of these links take you to their website, click on the paint swatches to get Color Index Names and more info. (Pebeo at Blick Art - affiliate link), ** Means there are no pigment color index names on the web or in the PDF. Their professional paints are "renowned the world over for excellence in quality." Ceracolor water soluble wax paints are manufactured in the US by Natural Pigments, LLC located in Willits, California. On their website you can find the Colour Index Names by clicking on the specific color, except for Gouache and Flash Vinyl. I recommend it for art lovers if you happen to be in Paris. 3 = Semi-Transparent, Entire Catalog 2014/2015 in a downloadable (E-Book) has CI numbers for their pigments. Highly recommended. It is highly soluble in water and remains resoluble over time. Da Vinci paints are handmade in California, USA. Professional Series Oil Paints (Web), (2015 PDF). I feel single pigments paints are necessary to get clean mixes when mixing your own paint. I have previously written about choosing a primary red - one that can stand alone in a primary triad of red, yellow and blue. I think the Sennelier and the M.Graham are probably quite similar to work with. Each color is then lovingly created using traditional tools - a glass muller and granite slab - to properly disperse the pigment into the binder. Receive new product releases and brand promotions, plus material reviews, tips and techniques, and artist interviews. A Dictionary of Art Terms and Techniques, American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, Blick Art Materials also has the MSDS sheets, Conservation and Art Materials Encyclopedia Online. only a few Utrecht Canvases and drawing papers left on clearance (06/13/18). You can also request their free catalog where they have all the CI pigments names for their paints listed. they have some private label brands of paints under the SAA name. These links below take you to their web site where C.I. Utrecht Canvases discontinued (Web)  |  Utrecht Drawing papers discontinued (Web) Geneva Fine Art:     Art Brands Top^ The colour charts only have paint color swatches, the brochures have C.I. Loved the idea that Cézanne and Picasso too squeezed through the narrow entrance to Sennelier to pick up a few supplies. USA Art Materials Company sells a wide range of art accessories and many popular paint brands including their own brand. The properties that make it ideal for use in conservation also make it a great binder for watercolor paint. Learn how to make money with LinkShare. If you find this site helpful you can help support this site by purchasing through these links. Stoneground's watercolour paints are made in small batches. Established in 1881, Schmincke entered a partnership with Chartpak, Inc. in 2009. MSDS sheets are only available by request. names on that specific file/pdf. Oil Absorption: is given in g/100g or grams of oil per 100 grams of pigment, Paint or Pigment Manufacturer Code & Art Medium:*****. d in italics next to the pigment manufacturer or art supplier code indicates a discontinued pigment or paint. names are available by clicking on the color swatches. This range in hues can be due to many things such as different manufacturing processes, exact chemical composition and crystal shape. One should be wary of any paints that that do not conform to the voluntary ASTM specs and list the color index pigment names. Some companies offer samples if you are a legitimate customer. "Colourwoman, Isabelle Roelofs was born into a family of artists and colourmen, inheriting their passion and expertise for creating colour. These links take you to their web site where C.I. Heritage rich French brand ‘Lefranc Bourgeois’, founded in 1720, was relaunched by Colart in 2017. Artsts' Water Colour (PDF)  |  Design Gouache (PDF) (Web)  |  Turner Acryl (Acrylic) Gouache (PDF), Turner Artists' Watercolors at Jackson's Art affiliate link (Web), UMTOM BARVY:     Art Brands Top^ Pigment names are found in that specific color chart or file. Dry Pigments, fillers & additives (Web), select the color hue category to view the different color ranges. Matisse, Derivan (Derivan Matisse):     Art Brands Top^ Depending on the specifications i have available I may also use the following designations: names are available by Other art material or medium forms such as pastel, oil pastels, oil bars, dyes and ceramic glazes will not be designated with a artists medium or binder code, but may still be listed under the pigment name with a company code. 2 = Semi-Opaque, Would you happen to know a quin gold mix from the sennelier set 12+6 free? Full Catalog (Current E-Book), (Full Catalog 2014 PDF for historic reference only), Huile d'Art super fine oil Color Chart (PDF), (Paint information PDF)  |, Studio Fine XL Oils (PDF), (Paint information PDF), Fine Watercolours (PDF**). For example calling\naming a paint made with Phthalocyanine Blue as "Azure", "Smalt" or "Cobalt Blue". I = Excellent, Complete Catalog (PDF) Has CI names & other info towards the end. It remains stable after accelerated light aging tests with no significant change in color, and it is very safe to work with. I have included references designated with "(Ref)" where further information can be attained. Thanks for the info about the honey. All artist paints and pigments that are ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) and ASTM D4236 - 94* compliant that are sold in the United States must have the pigment identification number or generic chemical names of the pigments that were used to make the paints or dry pigments (either powdered or in the commonly found "pigment dispersions") and should be have the generic pigment name printed on the paint label. I figured out my schmincke mix and my white nights mix but the properties from this set are so different that I have troubles finding the right shade. Artist-owned shop in the USA, specializing in raw pigments & other components for designing unique paint colors. Vasari Classic Artists' Oil Colors:     Art Brands Top^ Shinhan Art was originally founded in South Korea by Rin Han as “Haneel” in 1967, in 1973, they changed the name to Shinhan. They ship internationally but Customs Duties (tariffs) may apply depending on your country. Paint medium or binder code:  Key Top ^ Page Top^. They do not sell directly to the public, but distribute or wholesale their brands to US art supply retailers. This is just a partial list, for a more complete listing of Historical Pigment References see the Free Art Books Page. Truely handmade watercolor paints made in the San Diego California area. Natural Earth Paints:    Art Brands Top^ Specializes in historic pigments. Great job with these watches this post is excellent. I do not know that much about Sennelier, however I am confused what the three stars represent here. That's good to know. A general designation such as given will not always be the case in any particular formulation. Various web sites in particular, Blick Art Materials Artist Supply,, Kremer Pigments, Natural Pigments, Kama Pigments, Sinopia Pigments, and along with internet forums on art and painting, web sites of paint manufacturers, paint suppliers, chemical manufactures and pigment manufacturers;. I'll include here some of the other brands made by Nevskaya Palitra here.